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10 oz. NTR Silver Lunar Snake Bar .999 Fine

10 oz. NTR Silver Snake Bar .999 Fine obvClick to enlarge 10 oz. NTR Silver Snake Bar .999 Fine obvClick to enlarge
  • 10 oz. NTR Silver Snake Bar .999 Fine obv

  • 10 oz. NTR Silver Snake Bar .999 Fine rev

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Unit price: $180.98
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Our Buy Price: $173.08

SKU # 9471

Product Description:

The 10 oz. NTR Silver Lunar Series Snake Bar commemorates the year 2013—the Chinese Lunar Year of the Snake. Each silver bar contains 10 troy ounces of .999 pure silver bullion, is brand new and is shipped in mint plastic. 

Truly works of the refiners’ art, each coin's obverse  is embossed with the likeness of a Chinese snake, the date (in large numerals), the words, “YEAR OF THE SNAKE,” “TEN OUNCES TROY,” “.999 SILVER,” and the Chinese pictograph for “Year of the Snake.”

The reverse carries the repeated pictograph of a snakes’ scales.

NTR Metals is one of the foremost “market makers” in the precious metals industry, and enjoys a well-earned reputation for quality and assurance.

Each 10 oz. NTR Lunar Series Silver Snake Bar is mint-sealed in a polyvinyl chloride envelope to protect it from scratching, marring, and other wear.

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Customer Reviews:
Customer Reviews:

You're reviewing: 10 oz. NTR Silver Lunar Snake Bar .999 Fine

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  1. (Posted 3/30/2014) rates this product

    The Lunar Snake 10 oz NTR silver bars are a welcome relief from the standard logo NTR bars and at the same price too!

  2. (Posted 3/30/2014) rates this product

    The Lunar Snake 10 oz silver bars are mint and just as I expected, as I have come to trust Goldmart to provide.

  3. (Posted 10/13/2013) rates this product

    Very nice looking bar , fast delivery and professional customer service

  4. (Posted 10/9/2013) rates this product

    great customer service,perfect
    detail on the imprint both
    front and back

  5. (Posted 10/6/2013) rates this product

    Product as advertised...paid by personal check, order released per stated terms. Received product via priority mail, shipment arrived on time. Best price and low shipping cost!

    Thanks Goldmart

  6. (Posted 9/28/2013) rates this product

    Very nice bar. I like the size and weight of the 10oz. Came as advertised in mint sealed plastic. Unique design with year evidenced.

  7. (Posted 9/17/2013) rates this product

    This is my first 10 oz bar to purchase (I purchased two), I guess i expected the quality to be the same as a round. The edges are kinda rough almost like they were beat up a little. Then here is a a wierd defect on the back. At first I thought it was a scratch but when I looked on the other it was identical so I figured it was made that way. Goldmart took a little longer than expected to deliver but it was still in a reasonable amount of time. Goldmarts packageing is...well there is no packageing. Its like my bars were wrapped ina thin piece of cardboard and thats it:/ if you order through any of the other companies it comes in a box that you can open. Once I open the usps box the bars basically feel out on the floor but I guess thats how they save you money right.

  8. (Posted 8/27/2013) rates this product

    I've only started to buy metal (silver) and for both my recent purchases I wanted "mint" looking material packed to preserve the finish like my friend had purchased. This fulfilled both requirements for my long term storage. I appreciated the service and help Goldmart provided. I'll be back.

  9. (Posted 7/22/2013) rates this product

    Great looking bar. Very clean and well cased in plastic. Packaged and shipped very well.

  10. (Posted 7/15/2013) rates this product

    The bars arrived individually wrapped and in excellent condition. The design was minimal, yet attractive (especially the snakeskin reverse). I would have liked NTR to place their name on the bars somewhere to make it easier for those less familiar to identify the bars. Goldmart had outstanding pricing and customer service for my order. I would strongly recommend them to other purchasers.

  11. (Posted 7/13/2013) rates this product

    Item is artistically and technically well executed. It has a heft, being almost a troy pound, conveying it's worth.
    Ordering was quick and painless. Customer service has been competent and helpful. Shipment was prompt; unlike some other gold sellers, and mark-up was low for such a high quality product.
    I shall do this again.

  12. (Posted 7/10/2013) rates this product

    High quality bar, well packaged, amazing design. Reasonable premium too. There's nothing not to like.

  13. (Posted 7/3/2013) rates this product

    These bars are so detailed and pristine they put me into a silver coma! Now if I could just get my hands on a few yea of the dragon bars from 2012!!!

  14. (Posted 6/20/2013) rates this product

    Silver bars enclosed in plastic. Double boxed. Uncirculated.prices as good or better than other companies I bought from in the past. Service is outstanding

  15. (Posted 6/19/2013) rates this product

    Impeccable engraving on a 99.9 % silver bar. The snake design is aesthetically elegant and appeasing. It folds comfortably in the hand and,of course there is the monetary value. I own two bars and plan to buy more. It's an investment as well as currency recognized world-wide.

  16. (Posted 6/9/2013) rates this product

    Very cool! I ordered it knowing that it was not in stock at the moment and it came within a month still. Very nice piece of silver. Great service from Goldmart.

  17. (Posted 6/8/2013) rates this product

    My expectations were high as I was born in the year of the snake. So I'm still hoping these bring good luck this year (how about $100 silver by year's end?). I'm giving them 3 stars because the quality is just OK. Not great, but good. The design is nicely done, but on some of the bars there are visible dings along the edge, and even worse, there's some pretty deep pitting on the sides. Looks like a rush job, like they need to up their QC. Also, the "ping" test is meh. Overall, a 3, but what the heck, these are 10 oz of .999 silver with a purty design

  18. (Posted 6/6/2013) rates this product

    Beautiful , stunning. Quick turn around. I am very happy with the order. Will order from this company again.

  19. (Posted 6/6/2013) rates this product

    A beautiful bar that feels great in your hand. I think the scaling on the back of the bar is very neat. They came sealed in sheets of 10. NTR is fast becoming a very recognizable brand, you will not be sorry with your purchase. Stack them while you can!

  20. (Posted 6/5/2013) rates this product

    Satisfied customer, I received my order in 4 wks which is what I was expecting, I was informed of the delay. Great prices!

  21. (Posted 6/5/2013) rates this product

    This bar was of good quality. It took almost a month to the day I ordered for them to ship.

  22. (Posted 5/14/2013) rates this product

    Great bar. Great service.

  23. (Posted 5/13/2013) rates this product

    Silver bar is very nice and the shipping cost can't be beat.

  24. (Posted 5/13/2013) rates this product

    This is one of the most stunning silver bars I have seen, and I own many. The quality of the snake stamp is top notch and the scales on the back side are just a wonderful touch. Nothing boring about this piece. I wouldn't mind having another one even though I usually like to have just one of everything.

  25. (Posted 5/9/2013) rates this product

    This bar does not have the deep black cameo appearance as shown in the picture. I still like the bar it is very nice. I received it quickly with the cash deposit method. That seems to be the fastest shipping method available. I am satisfied with this bar, I like it very much. Goldmart still has the lowest premiums I have seen so far.

  26. (Posted 5/8/2013) rates this product

    The bar looks great. Goldmart has been great at keeping me updated and shipping in a timely manner. My new favorite place to purchase metals.

  27. (Posted 5/7/2013) rates this product

    We received this item very quickly and it's exactly what we were expecting. We'll use this site for future purchases.

  28. (Posted 5/1/2013) rates this product

    Bought this instead of coins since none were available.

  29. (Posted 4/29/2013) rates this product

    These NTR silver bars depicting the Chinese zodiac signs are really nice. I bought several Dragon bars last year for the year of the Dragon and I just bought my first Snake bar for the year of the Snake. The Dragon bars are nice, but I really like the Snake bar.

  30. (Posted 4/29/2013) rates this product

    The product does not actually have the black on it so you may be disappointed if you expect it to look as neat as pictured. It turns out rather plain without the black in the design. It also does not say "NTR" anywhere on the bar so may be harder to sell without the buyer knowing whether or not it really is an NTR bar.

    Other than that the product arrived quickly despite Goldmart being swamped with orders so I am happy with that for sure!

  31. (Posted 4/23/2013) rates this product

    Always a great product from a great company! Nice to have the dragon from last year and the snake from this year.

  32. (Posted 4/23/2013) rates this product

    Great all around transaction. No problems.

  33. (Posted 4/1/2013) rates this product

    Smooth transaction! Very skeptical of my first online order, but I was completely satisfied. Received confirmation e-mails at each phase of the order, arrived quick and very well-packaged. Will certainly buy from Goldmart again.

    If you are not receiving emails, make sure you check your spam filter and allow messages from Goldmart.

  34. (Posted 4/1/2013) rates this product

    Looks great. Packaged great. Couldn't be happier.

  35. (Posted 3/30/2013) rates this product


  36. (Posted 3/17/2013) rates this product

    A High Quality dated bar I can sell at a small premium over plain bullion bars. Last years 2012 Dragon bars are commanding a $10 premium, stock up when you can stack em!

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