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 Morgan Silver Dollars (1878 - 1921)

Morgan Silver Dollars (1878 - 1921)

Morgan Silver Dollars (1878 - 1921)

Morgan Silver Dollars, named after the coins’ designer, were authorized by the US Government as legal tender in 1878. The coins were minted continuously between 1878 and 1904, until the Comstock Lode played out and the supply of silver that was available for new mintages dried up; however, by that time hundreds of millions of the coins had been struck and were still in circulation or in hoards or in Treasury Vaults.  

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In 1918, however, the Pittman Act required that the US Mint begin melting its own stores of Morgan Dollars (estimated at approximately 270,000,000 coins) in order to bolster its bullion reserves and many of the Morgans that were held in vaults were destroyed.

Skip ahead to 1921, when the provisions of the aforementioned Pittman Act that directed the government to hold and increase its silver stores, resulted in an over-abundance of the precious metal. Thus, tidal waves of Morgan Silver Dollars began flowing once again out the nations’ mints, albeit for only one year.

Between 1878 and 1921, it is estimated that 657,000,000 Morgan Dollars were produced by five (5) U.S. Mints, most of which can be identified by their mint marks (the Philadelphia Mint being the exception): Philadelphia (no mark), San Francisco (S), Carson City (CC), Denver (D), and New Orleans (O).

Because of the Pittman Act and other subsequent government melts, the available population of Morgan Silver Dollars is relatively limited, especially in certain mintages and conditions, and have been replenished only by the discovery of various hoards of the coins.

The Morgan Silver Dollar, is composed of 90% silver, 10% copper and weighs 26.73 grams. It’s obverse displays Lady Liberty surrounded by 13 stars and bearing the legend “E Pluribus Unum” and the mintage year.

The Morgans reverse presents an American Eagle, with outstretched wings, one of its talons holding an olive branch, the other a flight of arrows. The motto “In God We Trust” completes the design. is pleased to offer its extensive inventory of these iconic symbols American history to its customers in a variety of dates, mintages, and conditions.