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 Peace Silver Dollars (1921 - 1935)

Peace Silver Dollars (1921 - 1935)

Peace Silver Dollars (1921 - 1935)

Peace Silver Dollar (1921 – 1935)

The Peace Silver Dollar was introduced in 1921, the same year that the Morgan Silver Dollar was discontinued and was intended to commemorate the country’s victory over the Germans in WWI. Controversy followed almost immediately, as the coin’s original design included a broken sword which, to many Americans, symbolized defeat. 

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Thus, a competition was hastily convened to choose a different peace dollar design, a competition won by Anthony De Francisci, one of the youngest and least experience of the competitors.  The model for Lady Liberty that adorns the obverse of the Peace Dollar was actually, De Francisci’s young wife, Theresa—more a modern woman of the 20th century than those whose profiles reflected the women of ancient Greece, leading one journalist to compare the new Miss Liberty to a “flapper type.”

The first  run of 1921 Peace Silver Dollars was intended to be High Relief, but production difficulties led to a lower profile design and a concomitant lower mintage.

In addition to the Peace Dollar's unique depiction of Miss Liberty, its obverse displays the words “LIBERTY,” the Date, and the legend “IN•GOD•WE•TRUST.” It’s reverse features an American Bald Eagle perched on a knoll with the word PEACE engraved on it, and the words, “ONE DOLLAR,” “UNITED•STATES•OF•AMERICA,” and the motto, “E•PLURIBUS•UNUM,” above a stylized suns’ rays.

The Peace Silver Dollar was issued between 1921 – 1928 and again in 1934 and 1935. An additional 316,076 were produced in 1964 at the Denver Mint, but were immediately disavowed and were reportedly melted before any reached circulation. However, rumors persist that a tiny number were spirited away in secret by Mint employees, and if any do exist they would be worth—literally—a small fortune today. Perhaps that is the reason for their popularity: collectors aware of the legend may be hoping to find a 1964-D in those bags of junk silver of which many are so enamored.

The Peace Silver Dollar contains 0.7734 troy ounces of . 900 fine silver and 10% copper.