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  1. Updated: 10/25/2014 at 08:16:04
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Home Bullion Silver Bullion Silver Bars (1 oz. - 1,000 oz.) 1 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bar .999 Fine

 Product Details

1 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bar .999 Fine

1 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bar (obv)Click to enlarge 1 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bar (obv)Click to enlarge
  • 1 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bar (obv)

  • 1 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bar (rev)

Only $1.15 over spot!
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Our Buy Price: $17.22

Product ID # 9786

Product Description:

Each 1 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bar contains 1 troy oz. of .999 fine pure silver bullion, and each is stamped with the words:  “JOHNSON MATTHEY, ASSAYER AND REFINERS, FINE SILVER 999, 1 OUNCE TROY,” as well as a unique serial number. One ounce bars are brand new and come sealed in their original packaging. Read More

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Customer Reviews:

You're reviewing: 1 oz. Johnson Matthey Silver Bar .999 Fine

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  1. (Posted 10/18/14) Herbert B.. from Missouri rates this product  

    Already my 5th order and had never a single complaint.
    If just the shipping would not be so high, it would be the best buy I can think of.

  2. (Posted 9/5/14) Robert L. from Missouri rates this product  

    Fair price, as described, and shipped fast.

  3. (Posted 8/30/14) Robert L. from Missouri rates this product  

    Received in two days after ordering! Well packaged. Excellent price. Order in multiples of twenty so that you get the factory sheet of twenty. As long as silver price is depressed I'll be ordering more from Goldmart.

  4. (Posted 8/22/14) James H. from Florida rates this product  

    Quality product, described perfectly by Goldmart. Fast shipping, was able to track product all the way to my house. Second order from Goldmart and not the last. You are responsible, I could give you a horror story about a competitor who took 6 months to ship their product. Thank you!

  5. (Posted 6/29/14) charles c. from Pennsylvania rates this product  

    My favorite bar to purchase, and the price and service was great! I have purchased these several times here. Thank you again! A+

  6. (Posted 6/28/14) Mike C. from Rhode Island rates this product  

    Great 1 oz bars. I am very happy with my order, as usual.

  7. (Posted 6/21/14) Nathan C. from Nevada rates this product  

    Fast shipping, easy to place order. Got them for less than I could at any other vendor. I'm one happy camper for sure!

    These are the silver bars you want. JM bars are respected all over the world. Johnson Matthey (pronounced 'Matt-he') is an international corporation headquartered in London, with about 11,000 employees worldwide. JM has a history going back to the early 1800s. Nobody will question the integrity of JM silver or require an assay.

  8. (Posted 6/17/14) Arthur R. from New Jersey rates this product  

    Delivered quickly with no payment issues. Priced reasonably.

  9. (Posted 6/14/14) William P. from California rates this product  

    I don't usually buy bars, but I liked the look of these small bars and I thought the serial numbers were cool. (which were sequential, by the way.) With a low premium over spot, I thought these were a good buy!

  10. (Posted 6/7/14) Bradley W. from Maine rates this product  

    Well known name and quality product that is sequentially numbered. I like the fact that each bar is individually sealed, whether you purchase one or one hundred. It's easy to cut away the excess material from a full sheet and stack in smaller containers. Will definitely purchase more from Goldmart!!

  11. (Posted 5/18/14) Hal F. from Illinois rates this product  

    Nice product, and a quick delivery!

  12. (Posted 5/9/14) Mark M. from Florida rates this product  

    Made several purchases over the last year! Very pleased!

  13. (Posted 4/19/14) Willis H. from Utah rates this product  

    My review is about those working for Goldmart. In the most difficult times when they were having problems with the supplier getting the bars shipped to them, they went out of their way to make sure that my order was filled; and also called me by phone to let me know when it was shipped. My hats off to Goldmart. W H

  14. (Posted 4/2/14) John C. from California rates this product  

    It was what it was... received what I ordered. USPS delivered it on time and I tracked the packed 24 hours a day. I didn't even sleep. The box was hard to open with my teeth. Once I got the package open I fell asleep. Now I have .999 fine imprinted on my forehead.

    Thank you!

  15. (Posted 3/23/14) Cheryl F. from South Carolina rates this product  

    These are gorgeous bars! Completely sealed for the highest protection. I can't stop looking at them!

  16. (Posted 3/11/14) Jason H. from New York rates this product  

    Excellent product. Very satisfied.

  17. (Posted 3/4/14) Randy H. rates this product  


  18. (Posted 2/11/14) David B. from Michigan rates this product  

    -Real Nice product

    -'Safe Company'

    -Thank You Very Much Goldmart

  19. (Posted 2/10/14) Randy S. from California rates this product  

    Very happy with the products I ordered. They arrived on time and the service is right on the money! I will be ordering much more from this company. Thank you Goldmart.

  20. (Posted 11/4/13) marshall g. from Iowa rates this product  

    brand new in the wrapper.

  21. (Posted 10/1/13) Michael M. rates this product  

    Great bar. I highly recommend this bar and will purchase again.

  22. (Posted 9/22/13) Mark M. from Florida rates this product  

    Nice bars!

  23. (Posted 9/17/13) John T. from California rates this product  

    Nice bars. Near Proof finish. Each bar encased in soft plastic. Individually numbered. Excellent product from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

  24. (Posted 9/11/13) Helix 6. from Idaho rates this product  

    This is a beautiful bar. The finish and luster are outstanding, and the design stands up in strong relief. I especially like the fact that it is serialized.

    The Johnson Matthey bar arrived in a timely fashion and in excellent condition. It was enclosed in a sealed clear plastic sleeve and was boxed securely and discreetly. I am completely satisfied with this transaction.

  25. (Posted 9/3/13) Jorge D. rates this product  


  26. (Posted 9/2/13) John R. from Wisconsin rates this product  

    Just buy them already.

  27. (Posted 8/27/13) K I. from District of Columbia rates this product  

    Magnificant product I need and want more. :)

  28. (Posted 8/20/13) John R. from Wisconsin rates this product  

    I love these bars plus at a great price you cant go wrong. Goldmart sent these quickly and I will be back again.

  29. (Posted 7/31/13) Kenneth A. from Massachusetts rates this product  

    I recently bought these and was happy with the bars and their quality.Best price around also.

  30. (Posted 7/28/13) Tim B. from Indiana rates this product  

    Bars received in fine condition with consecutive numbers in expected time frame. Very pleased.

  31. (Posted 7/14/13) christina S. rates this product  

    These Johnson Matthew bars arrived as described in their original plastic packaging. These bars are flawless and carry huge appeal as each one is individually serial numbered. I will definitely be ordering more of these, especially at Goldmarts rediculously low price!

  32. (Posted 7/14/13) James H. from Missouri rates this product  

    Johnson Matthey speaks for itself, recognized as one of the top manufacturers of silver bars. Each bar is numbered and enclosed in a protective plastic sleeve and looks beautiful. Worth more than the small premium charged for JM bars.
    This was my first order from Goldmart and I was very pleased. Used credit card and my shipment was expedited as they promised. I had ordered from a different company who kept my money for 4 months and then shipped to a address I told them not to ship because we were wintering in Florida. Glad to find Goldmart.

  33. (Posted 7/13/13) Timothy R. from Washington rates this product  

    I am always pleased with my Goldmart purchases. I like a variety in my collection, and Johnson Matthey is a name that I can trust to be consistant in weight and purity. They are attractive as well.

    I don't give 5 stars to anything that doesn't knock me off of my seat. 4 is very good.

  34. (Posted 6/24/13) Boguslaw B. from Illinois rates this product  

    Beautiful bars for best price online...shipping time was OK!

  35. (Posted 6/16/13) Grant H. from California rates this product  


  36. (Posted 3/11/13) Jason S. from Indiana rates this product  

    Good bars as always. Serialization is a great addition to these great looking bars.

  37. (Posted 3/10/13) Brian M. rates this product  

    Love these Johnson Matthey bars. I will definitely buy more. Goldmart has great deals

  38. (Posted 3/9/13) dennis w. from New York rates this product  

    best price great company silver best buy better paper money great investment

  39. (Posted 3/8/13) Mako M. from Kentucky rates this product  

    Very nice bars...JM logo on the back is a nice touch. Serial stamped on the front quality silver.

  40. (Posted 3/5/13) Sean K. from New York rates this product  

    Great product, great company.

  41. (Posted 3/4/13) timothy h. from Ohio rates this product  

    very nice!!

  42. (Posted 3/4/13) R L. from Georgia rates this product  

    It took nearly three months for delivery! Been given the 'runaround' when inquired. Never again, worst buying experience w/ a bullion dealer.

  43. (Posted 2/12/13) Mark M. from New York rates this product  

    Nice looking bars. I researched prices and Goldmart is the lowest. I will be buying more.

  44. (Posted 2/12/13) Lowell H. from Minnesota rates this product  

    Have not found them for a lower price.

  45. (Posted 2/11/13) Kamal B. rates this product  

    I'm very happy that I ordered the JM bars. I had to waite for couple extra days, but it was worth it.

  46. (Posted 2/11/13) Bill B. from Michigan rates this product  

    Beautifully presented sealed silver bars. Very happy and will order more soon.

  47. (Posted 2/9/13) Gerald M. from Pennsylvania rates this product  

    Very nice bar. In fact it is so nice that it is the only silver bar I buy. And Goldmart has the lowest prices for them anywhere.

  48. (Posted 1/26/13) Gregory M. from Minnesota rates this product  

    Quality product, just what I expected.

  49. (Posted 1/25/13) Jon C. from Arizona rates this product  

    perfect. rather send this to the nephews than eagles

  50. (Posted 1/21/13) robert n. from New York rates this product  

    This was my first purchase with Goldmart but it wont be my last. Product came exactly when they said it would and came in beautiful shape.

  51. (Posted 1/13/13) Andrew P. from New York rates this product  

    Johnson Matthey's reputation for quality,and value is unmatched in my opinion. Historically,J & M buillion carries the lowest premium to spot price at purchase and brings back true maximum resale value relative to spot especially demonstates the fair dealings of a world class precious metals provider.

  52. (Posted 1/12/13) Michael A. from Michigan rates this product  

    Great price fast delivery will buy again soon

  53. (Posted 1/7/13) Fina W. rates this product  

    This was my first purchase from Goldmart and it won't be my last. It was easy and quick! The silver bar was just as described. Thanks Goldmart!

  54. (Posted 1/7/13) Robert S. from Oklahoma rates this product  

    Happy with product. I thought shipping time a little slow; even thought paid up front with credit card.

  55. (Posted 12/29/12) charles c. from Pennsylvania rates this product  

    Nice bars at the best price i could find any around for yourself..A++++

  56. (Posted 12/23/12) Eric R. from Colorado rates this product  

    Having received my first shipment of 1 oz. Johnson Matthey silver bars from, I have to say this product surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this product and Something that may be of interest to you-I really liked how I had the ability to buy a few single enclosed 1 oz. bars and also a crisp appearing sheet of Twenty- 1 oz bars. I recommend if you can financially afford to order a sheet of these bars you will not be disappointed. I will definately be ordering more in the near future.

  57. (Posted 12/18/12) Jason S. from Indiana rates this product  

    Ordered these multiple times and am always impressed. Goldmart does a great job of keeping within their time limits specified for shipping.

  58. (Posted 12/18/12) Norman C. from Florida rates this product  

    I'am buying silver now to leave to my loved ones. Goldmart was very easy to deal with, also good service. Had a question for live chat,which was handled promptly. Looking forward to doing business with them again.

  59. (Posted 12/14/12) Renee M. from South Carolina rates this product  

    I bought 20 of these bars at a super great price. They are all beautiful and came in a mint sheet with consecutive numbering.

    I will definitely be ordering from Goldmart again!

  60. (Posted 12/13/12) James D. rates this product  

    Fine bars - most of the time they carry too much premium for me to buy but this time the price was right. Well recognized bar that fetches premiums. I'll buy whenever they are priced right.

  61. (Posted 12/11/12) Mark M. from California rates this product  

    Purchased it as the little brother to the 10oz. Beautiful bar,
    Goldmart has the best prices!

  62. (Posted 12/7/12) William S. from California rates this product  

    Top notch... Great company and products hands down..!! A+

  63. (Posted 11/27/12) Douglas A. from Illinois rates this product  

    The product is as expected. Flawless serial numbered silver bars that are plastic shrink wrapped. Asolutely beautiful!

  64. (Posted 11/26/12) joseph c. from Arizona rates this product  

    First order with Goldmart and many more to follow! Entire process from placing the order and receiving it took about 4 days! Thank you guys and look forward to sending business your way!

  65. (Posted 11/19/12) John J. rates this product  

    I've ordered quite a few of these Johnson Matthey bars and have been absolutely thrilled with them. These bars have a stunning level of quality with crisp details on both front and back that you would expect from an established refiner such as JM. The unique serial number on each bar is excellent for cataloging what you own as well as recording proof of ownership for insurance purposes. I've looked around at other bars and keep coming back to these for that reason.

  66. (Posted 11/5/12) John J. from Arizona rates this product  

    The 1oz Johnson Matthey is my favorite 1oz bar. These bars have crisp reliefs/lettering and close inspection reveals a very high level of quality and attention to detail in each bar. The serial numbering also makes documenting my stack a breeze.

  67. (Posted 10/20/12) Howard B. from Colorado rates this product  

    This a great packaged product. Bars were perfect. I will absolutely be returning to a Goldmart as a regular customer. Overall, very pleased with Goldmart and this product. However, I would like to see Goldmart add 5oz silver bars to their inventory.

  68. (Posted 9/1/12) Gary S. from Missouri rates this product  

    The bars are good looking with the added serial numbers. The plastic is thin and flimsy. Generic bars with less premium's are sealed in tough plastic (like NTR bars or Pan American)that actually protects the bars from dings. Although I will not buy this product again,I will be more than happy to buy from Goldmart. I had higher expectations from Johnson Matthey. I will go back to buying generics at a lower cost.

  69. (Posted 8/20/12) michael s. from Maryland rates this product  

    Great product...

  70. (Posted 7/29/12) Phil D. from Louisiana rates this product  

    Good, quality silver. Each bar is serialized. Best price found. Delivered in very good, uncirculated condition. Easily stacked for storage.

  71. (Posted 6/22/12) Frank M. from California rates this product  

    Thank you, thumbs up transaction and fast shipping!

  72. (Posted 6/21/12) Tommie C. from Tennessee rates this product  

    This is my first purchase of silver. I bought these bars because they are sealed, and they have serial numbers. I've been seeing video posts of people getting fake silver. Some of fake silver bars and coins have been made so good, that they have got by a few reputable dealers. This is the best site I've found with the best prices.

  73. (Posted 6/3/12) Sean K. from New York rates this product  

    Fast shipping, great company.

  74. (Posted 6/3/12) Charles B. from Texas rates this product  

    You can not beat the price (including shipping) of Goldmart. I receive whatever I order faster then anyone else. I used to use two other online places at the same time to "feel out the water." I've now switched all my purchases to Goldmart.

  75. (Posted 5/17/12) michael g. from New York rates this product  

    I recently purchased some Johnson-Matthey one ounce bars from goldmart,and I have to say that I was very impressed.The bars came well wrapped and in pristine condition.They came in a connected plastic sheet,so they are well protected. Another plus was the fact that they are numbered bars and were consecutively numbered. This was my first purchase of silver bars so I didnt know what to expect but I was very pleased with my bars. With the quality of the product,I will certainly be ordering more of these.

  76. (Posted 5/14/12) P J. from Wyoming rates this product  

    Came very well packaged. Very pleased with Goldmart's friendly and helpful customer service. Pleasure doing business.

  77. (Posted 4/30/12) Nelson K. from Florida rates this product  

    Nice silver bar, it came packaged each in it's own wrapper.

  78. Read More