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 Silver Rounds

Silver Rounds

Buy Silver Rounds

Investors buy silver rounds in bulk for the same reason the retail public purchases Kirkland Signature products at Costco Wholesale: they save money selecting a reputable generic brand without sacrificing the high quality of a name brand.  Privately minted silver rounds contain the same investment-grade purity of silver as sovereignly minted coins but with substantially cheaper premium costs. Therefore, investors that want to spend less yet receive the same quality and same amount choose to buy silver rounds to store wealth, hedge against inflation, and mitigate risk.

What exactly is a silver round and how does it compare to a silver bar?  A silver round is a disc-shaped, tangible precious metal investment with a specific weight of pure silver guaranteed by the private assayer/refiner.  Silver rounds have the same purity standards and similar premiums per ounce as silver bars. However, silver rounds are not produced in as many sizes as are silver bars.

Buying high quality silver rounds in bulk allows prudent investors to take physical possession of generic coin-shaped bullion that is affordably priced.  Investors select the brand, type, and weight according to preference and strategy when buying silver rounds from Goldmart.


Silver Round Brand

Silver rounds are minted by independently operated private refiners.  Sovereign mints, alternatively, fabricate monetized silver coins. It is important to buy silver rounds minted by the world’s most trusted private refiners compliant with International Organization for Standardization regulations and listed on major international markets and exchanges.  Sunshine Minting’s Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Republic Metals Corporation is an accredited good delivery refiner of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX).

Silver Round Type

Silver bullion rounds are available to buy in a wide variety of designs for investors or collectors to choose.

Investment-grade silver rounds plainly feature the name and logo of the mint, the weight and purity of the silver, and may include a design.  Silver round series replicating historic United States coins are popular designs for bulk investments. Sunshine Minting, Inc. offers investors both its generic SMI Round with its own eagle logo and also its Buffalo Round modeled after James Earl Fraser’s classic 1913 Indian Head Nickel.

Collectable silver rounds with novel designs are not best suited for investment purposes.  Such silver rounds featuring themes, commemorations, or celebrations are ideal for collecting purposes.

Silver Round Purity

It is common practice for most private refiners to mint silver rounds with .999 fine silver, the globally accepted standard.  However, a few niche foundries attempt to differentiate their products by using .9999 fine silver, a practice that has not fostered demand.  Regardless, these values are the millesimal fineness of the silver bullion and denote that there are either 999 or 999.9 silver parts in each 1000 parts of material.  Also, the fineness can be stated as a purity by weight, 99.9% or 99.99% pure. Any resulting effects attributable to the difference in the fineness or purity is negligible and is only a personal preference as the rounds contain the stated weight in pure 100% silver.

Silver Round Weight

Silver rounds are minted in various weights typically measured using the imperial troy ounce.  The stated weight on the round is the pure silver content with alloys and impurities removed. The majority of silver rounds are minted in the popular weight of 1 ounce (oz) and also in small fractional and large multiple ounce sizes.  Weights smaller than 1 oz usually have increased premiums when buying and larger weights including including 5 oz silver rounds may have limitations when selling.

Silver Round Prices

The price of a silver round is comprised of two variables: the melt value of the silver content and the premium cost of the product.

The melt value is calculated by multiplying the total troy ounce weight of the silver by the current intraday spot price of silver (XAG) traded in global markets such as the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).  The spot price of different silver rounds at any point in time is the same.

The premium cost is the amount charged in excess of the spot price by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.  It includes all operational expenditures incurred to produce, store, and distribute the silver round and any profit or gain.  The premium costs of different silver rounds can vary according to the brand, type, and weight.

Silver Round IRA

Investors can buy silver rounds for inclusion in precious metal IRAs that meet the purity and manufacturer requirements of the Internal Revenue Service.  The IRS stipulates the silver rounds must have a minimum millesimal fineness of .999 fine, a purity of 99.9%, and are minted by a COMEX/NYMEX approved assayer/refiner that has ISO 9001:2008 certification.  All silver rounds offered by Goldmart are eligible for inclusion in self-directed individual retirement accounts that have been funded with contributions or by IRA or 401(k) rollovers or transfers.