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1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar

1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar Obverse 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar Obverse
  • 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar Obverse

  • 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar Reverse

Only $22.99 per oz over spot! Any quantity!

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IRA Eligible

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Product Description:

Buy 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bars

The Perth Mint is prized for the gold doré that it sources from rich deposits throughout the Australian Outback, refines to .9999 fine in its state-of-the-art facilities, and mints into investment 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bars that, unlike privately minted bullion, have a sovereign guarantee by the Western Australian Government.  Investors buy Perth Mint oz Gold Bars for the brand name, high purity, accurate weight, secure tamper-evident case, and also for the low premium cost when ordering from Goldmart.

1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar Facts

  • Contains 1 troy ounce of .9999 fine gold (Au) that is 24 karat (k) pure.

  • Sovereignly minted with its assayed weight and purity guaranteed by the Western Australian Government.

  • Protectively sealed in a tamper-evident case that is also its assay certificate of authenticity.

  • A unique serial number is assigned for traceability.

  • Possesses a low premium cost.  

  • The 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar is Precious Metals IRA-approved bullion.

1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar Design

The obverse of the 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar features the iconic logo of The Perth Mint—the mint name, ‘THE PERTH MINT’, and country of manufacture, ‘AUSTRALIA’, with a stylistic swan calmly paddling in water.  Her neck elegantly curved, bringing her head to rest near her breast; her plumage bows upwards, artistically melding the feathers of her wings and tail together into one. Three inscriptions are minted: the purity, ‘99.99%’; the precious metal type, ‘PURE GOLD’; and the weight, ‘1 OUNCE’.

The reverse of the 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar displays a troop of red kangaroos leaping and bounding across the Outback.  These silhouettes of Australia’s national animal are repeated on successive diagonal lines and give the bar its nickname—Kangaroo.

Perth Mint Assay Card Design

The Perth Mint assay card is a tamper-evident case that protectively seals the oz gold bar within it.  The luminescent UV Text Seal is activated to display ‘VOID’ when the case is tampered with and the genuineness of the gold bullion may be compromised.

The front of the assay card depicts the swan bar mark of The Perth Mint and is printed with the assay card name—‘The Perth Mint tamper-evident case’.

The back of the assay card again features the current bar mark or swan logo of The Perth Mint.  Six inscriptions are printed: the gold content in troy ounces—1, the fineness stated as a percentage of purity—99.99, the minimum gross weight in grams—31.104, the unique bar number, the signature of the chief assayer, and the physical and website addresses of The Perth Mint.

About The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint was the last of three Australian annexes to The Royal Mint established across the Outback.  The Perth Mint opened in 1899 to mint coinage—sovereigns and half-sovereigns—and pour bullion bars with gold ore prospected from the rich mineral fields of Murchison, Coolgardie, and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia during the Great Australian Gold Rush of the 1890s.  Refinement and fabrication of Australian bullion has since been consolidated from the now-closed Sydney and Melbourne mints to The Perth Mint’s new facility opened in 2003. Today, The Western Australian Mint trading as The Perth Mint provides its catalogue of precious metal numismatics, collectables, and investment bullion including Perth Mint 1 oz Gold Bars and 10 ounce and 100 gram sizes to clientele worldwide.

1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bar Packaging

  • Bars are individually sealed in tamper-evident cases.

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Customer Reviews:

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  1. (Posted 6/18/2014) rates this product

    Excellent - Bars are in mint un-tampered condition.

    Shipping - the only thing is I paid using personal check
    and that takes a longer than usual time for delivery

    Overall - Thanks...for great low premium price!

  2. (Posted 3/25/2014) rates this product

    I've checked everywhere and find that Goldmart has the best prices and communication is top notch.

  3. (Posted 1/8/2014) rates this product

    This product is very good and the shipping is on time.

  4. (Posted 11/28/2013) rates this product

    This year, I ordered a few bars. I am very happy with the order.Bars are really good looking and in good condition under protected seal.

  5. (Posted 9/11/2013) rates this product

    The protective packaging ensures that the ingot remains in excellent condition, and helps to validate its authenticity.

  6. (Posted 6/3/2013) rates this product

    Product received as expected. But shipping is very slow including handling the order. It took almost 4days to get the confirmation of payment.

  7. (Posted 5/19/2013) rates this product

    So far this is my favorite of the 1 oz bars I've bought, the Perth Mint is very nice.

    Even though all the major retailers have been having supply issues recently the shipping time was still very reasonable.

  8. (Posted 4/19/2013) rates this product

    The customer service is good. The Quality of the Gold is high.


  9. (Posted 3/11/2013) rates this product

    Likes this product; bought couple of them last year as well

  10. (Posted 2/2/2013) rates this product

    i'm very happy with my order. i will be ordering more from goldmart in the future!

  11. (Posted 11/17/2012) rates this product

    GREAT product. looks great and love the presentation. you know you got something here. will be buying more.

    Delivery was solid and tracking info provided. Great experience with Goldmart

  12. (Posted 10/23/2012) rates this product

    This is the most exquisite and unique gold bar I have been able to find anywhere. I will be buying many more of these in the future.

  13. (Posted 10/7/2012) rates this product

    Beautiful looking bar, excellent quality, Goldmart does offer the lowest prices over spot, compared to their competitors, excellent packaging, and shipping.. :) I am happy

  14. (Posted 8/27/2012) rates this product

    Best price on the web. Fast shipping. Stay tuned for more.

  15. (Posted 6/17/2012) rates this product

    Just BEAUTIFUL! All the metals I've purchased from GoldMart have been outstanding! Great price & fast secured free shipping!

  16. (Posted 5/20/2012) rates this product

    I was very impressed with this Gold Bar....very pretty :)

  17. (Posted 5/15/2012) rates this product

    Came very well packaged. Very pleased with Goldmart's friendly and helpful customer service. Pleasure doing business.

  18. (Posted 4/12/2012) rates this product

    Beautiful fantastic product. Goldmart rocks!

  19. (Posted 4/2/2012) rates this product

    good product, fast shipping. A+

  20. (Posted 3/16/2012) rates this product

    Bars recieved in excellent condition and new as advertized.

  21. (Posted 3/16/2012) rates this product

    The best bar I have ever saw. I recommend this.

  22. (Posted 3/12/2012) rates this product

    Great product, great price.

  23. (Posted 3/12/2012) rates this product

    The best priced 1 oz perth mint gold bar on the internet! Product has great design and guaranteed by the Austrailian government.

  24. (Posted 3/11/2012) rates this product

    I love the design of this bar.

  25. (Posted 3/10/2012) rates this product

    This Bar is astonishing, I love the design and Color. I have both The pamp suisse 1 oz bar and Perth mint 1 oz put them next to each other and you will notice the color difference...

  26. (Posted 3/10/2012) rates this product

    Perth Mint has always produced top notch products and their 1 ounce gold bars are no exception. Between the beauty of the design and Goldmart's prices, you cannot go wrong. Keep stacking!!!

  27. (Posted 3/9/2012) rates this product

    This is the cheapest name brand 1 oz gold bar available. Don't hesitate and convert your digital fiat wealth into real money... GOLD.

  28. (Posted 3/7/2012) rates this product

    On Time service

  29. (Posted 12/5/2011) rates this product

    Excellent high quality product from the Perth Mint. Gold still has a long way to climb before it reaches its summit. With the Great Depression 2, World War 3 commencing, and the collapse of the Euro, Pound, and Dollar imminent, we all need to buy gold and silver. These bars are great to hold your wealth and protect you from inflation.

  30. Read More