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100 g PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bar

100 gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar w/ Assay 100 gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar w/ Assay 100 gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar w/ Assay
  • 100 gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar w/ Assay

  • 100 gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar Box of 10

  • 100 gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar Assay Card

Only $14.99/oz over spot! Any quantity!

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Product Description:

Buy 100 g PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bars

Newly cast 100 g PAMP Suisse Gold Bars are poured with 3.215 troy ounces of .9999 fine Swiss gold.  They are available for investors to buy near the spot price of gold with Goldmart’s low online premiums.  Loaf-style gold bars are cheaper to fabricate than minted gold bars and economies of scale reduce the per ounce cost of manufacturing larger size ingots.  Therefore, other major retailers should charge investors a lower premium for a100 g PAMP Suisse Gold Bar loaf than a smaller rectangular ingot that is minted.

The Difference Between Cast and Minted

Cast gold bars differ from minted gold bars in how they are made.  Cast bars are simply fabricated from molten gold poured into shaped molds.  The manufacturing process of minted ingots is more complex, requiring four steps performed with specialized machinery.  The continuous casting machine creates flat cast bars. The rolling mill thins them to the required thickness. The blanking press punches blanks from them and the minting press affixes the design to the blanks.

100 g PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bar Facts

  • Measured in metric units and is cast from 100 grams (g) of .9999 fine gold (Au).  The imperial unit equivalent is 3.215 troy ounces (oz t) of 24 karat (kt) pure gold.

  • Privately cast with its assayed weight and purity guaranteed by PAMP S.A.

  • Loafed or poured in cast form instead of struck, stamped, or extruded in minted form.

  • An assigned certificate number provides for traceability.

  • A paired assay certificate provides authenticity.

  • Precious Metals IRA-approved bullion.

100 g PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bar Design

The obverse of the 100 g PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bar displays the company logo—the letters ‘P’, ‘A’, ‘M’, and ‘P’ each at the end of four horizontal cylinders and ‘SUISSE’—and the registered bar mark—the company logo with ‘ESSAYEUR FONDEUR’ in a rectangle.  Three inscriptions are minted: the weight, ‘100 g’; the millesimal fineness, ‘999,9’; and the certificate number.

The reverse of 100 g PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bar does not feature designs or inscriptions.

PAMP Suisse Assay Certificate Design

The top of the assay certificate is decorated with metric markings and a series of curved lines.  Eight inscriptions are printed: the mint name, the chemical symbol—Au, the certificate number, the gross weight, the metal fineness, the certified assayer, the registered bar mark, and the contact information including phone and fax numbers and website and email addresses.

About PAMP Suisse

Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, or PAMP, of Castel San Pietro, Ticino, Switzerland, has mastered the millennia-old art of transforming precious metals into loaf-style ingots since its founding in 1977.  PAMP was acquired by MKS S.A. in 1981 and under CEO Marwan Shakarchi, the private mint has become the industry leader in precious metal refinement and fabrication. Today, PAMP produces over half of the world’s gold bars weighing 100 grams or less.

100 g PAMP Suisse Cast Gold Bar Packaging

  • Multiples of 10 bars are packaged in a PAMP Suisse mint box with matching assay certificates.

  • Less than 10 bars are packaged with matching assay certificates.

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Customer Reviews:

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  1. (Posted 1/14/2015) rates this product

    If you want this's where you can get it for lowest price. Great customer service and quick processing and shipping. I would surely recommend

  2. (Posted 10/14/2014) rates this product

    Product was delivered as expected. Looks good. Advice to other users - I read a lot of reviews that complained about goldmart but just be patient the product is delivered in a secure package and is as expected. Best deal I could find for gold.

  3. (Posted 10/4/2014) rates this product

    Nice clean bar w/ assay. Good price. Thank you guys! I'm sure I'll be back for more.

  4. (Posted 8/29/2014) rates this product

    Great Product!
    Perfect Condition!
    Marianna and yonathan are great (sorry if I messed up spelling)

    ***MOST RIDICULOUS THING IS, I purchased on Thursday and got it Monday? How they did that puzzles me?
    Never had a shipment that fast from anywhere else!

  5. (Posted 8/25/2014) rates this product

    Great service, very nice bars, fast shipping and the premiums are very low. Thank you Goldmart.

  6. (Posted 6/20/2014) rates this product

    I am giving 4 star rating as I recommend buying from this website for two reason: It has good competitive rates plus free shipping on orders over $7,500. Losing one star as I had to wait for 15 Business days to receive the product.

  7. (Posted 1/1/2014) rates this product

    Absolutely beautiful, and the ultra fine quality is my only choice. If you have never seen .9999 Au, you should get some; the beauty far surpasses the jewelry alloys. Goldmart is super, and I have recommended them to all my friends. Goldmart has gained a permanent customer; that's me! ;) tim

  8. (Posted 10/7/2013) rates this product

    Great Product. A little long for delivery, but very nice when it finally arrived.

  9. (Posted 9/30/2013) rates this product

    Nice!!! Serious chunk! Can't beat the price from Goldmart. Really, really like it. I've got some beauties, Pandas and Kangaroos, this PAMP 100gm is equally impressive if not superior based on size and weight. TY Goldmart.

  10. (Posted 7/15/2013) rates this product

    Beautiful bars. Very nice you will not be disappointed. Wish Goldmart would carry the poured 250 gram version.

  11. (Posted 7/6/2013) rates this product

    I am very very happy about product and service I got best price even on time. Good packing .i am first time buyer and Ian happy and will go back to buy from gold mart

  12. (Posted 6/4/2013) rates this product

    These 100 gram PAMP Suisse gold bars are the best value in the market. Goldmart also has the lowest premium that I have found from any online dealer. The shipping was timely and the communication from Goldmart was excellent. I will be back for another bar in the near future.

  13. (Posted 5/7/2013) rates this product

    Great product/fast shipping. The only issue was it was not packed. It would have been great if this was available in some case/packing..

  14. (Posted 3/19/2013) rates this product

    Nice chunk of gold!

  15. (Posted 2/8/2013) rates this product

    IS LOOK NICE bar. and customer service is very nice .
    shipment process also fast. i would say goldmart is best for price also.

  16. (Posted 11/27/2012) rates this product

    amazing gold poured bar. best bar I have purchased

  17. (Posted 10/27/2012) rates this product

    Love the raw chunky look of these bars. Customer service was amazing and always reachable. Overall my experience with this order was good. Will definitely buy from Goldmart again.

  18. (Posted 7/10/2012) rates this product

    this is a very nice product and great price. shipping was fast to.

  19. (Posted 6/16/2012) rates this product

    Product feels great in your hands and satisfying to your eyes. Makes a perfect addition in your collection. Also, it is value for money product because Goldmart would do free priority 2 day shopping with insurance. Buying in 1 Oz bars or coins will make your final cost over spot by at least 30$ (or more depending on your method of payment). Goldmart has excellent service, very fast shipping, and helped me patiently by working with me with a complicated delivery request.

  20. (Posted 3/12/2012) rates this product

    Love this Bar, especially the "raw" poured look. Ordered Thursday, wired $ Friday and had the bar on Monday. Can't beat that.

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