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100 oz Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Silver Bar

100 oz Royal Canadian Mint RMC Silver Bar Obverse 100 oz Royal Canadian Mint RMC Silver Bar Obverse
  • 100 oz Royal Canadian Mint RMC Silver Bar Obverse

  • 100 oz Royal Canadian Mint RMC Silver Bar Reverse

Only $0.69 per oz over spot!

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IRA Eligible

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Product Description:

Each of these brand new exemplars of the 100 oz. Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar, contains 100 troy ounces of .9999 Fine pure silver bullion.

Gold and silver bullion coins and bars produced by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) have always seemed a step above all others because of the purity of the precious metals it uses. Whereas other mints may tout their .999 fine products, the RCM routinely issues Gold Maple Leafs at .99999 fine, and Silver Bars at .9999—one of the highest silver contents in the world.

One-hundred ounce silver bullion bars are particularly popular among stackers because they are easy to store and trade.

Each 100 oz. bar is an example of what many believe a silver bullion bar should look like, with a sleek, buttery finish, appropriate heft, and engraved with the RCM’s mintmark seal, attesting to its weight, purity, mintage date, and stamped with an individual serial number.

Each bar is guaranteed by the Canadian government as to its content, purity, and weight.

At .9999 fine, each 100 oz. Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar is unique among the world’s silver bullion products and is eligible for inclusion in a precious metals IRA account.

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Customer Reviews:
Customer Reviews:

You're reviewing: 100 oz Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Silver Bar

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  1. (Posted 10/18/2014) rates this product

    This is only one of many products I have purchased from GoldMart. There are several other dealers I check when pricing an item and I ALWAYS include GoldMart in that process. I have purchased more from GoldMart than any other dealer! They consistently beat ALL other dealers. This is true since 2013, when I started buying from GoldMart. Hint: the best, most secure and fastest way to purchase from GoldMart is via the B of America deposit.

    The RCM 100 oz. Silver Bar is a MUST for anyone who is serious about buying silver. It is the purest source of silver, government backed and beautiful. You will be shocked with how heavy it feels in your hands.

  2. (Posted 10/15/2014) rates this product

    Folks, I have purchased from goldmart for three years. Early on I was also purchasing from two other stores. For the last fourteen months I purchase only from goldmart. I havn't been able to beat their pricing, and their customer service is flawless.

  3. (Posted 10/7/2014) rates this product

    Very happy with this purchase.
    Can't beat the purity and pedigree.
    Nice compact 100 oz.
    Monster boxes have their place, but five of these bars take up only a fraction of the space !

  4. (Posted 8/4/2014) rates this product

    This item surpasses all expectations for quality and value for the dollars spent! I will definitely purchase again, and would recommend to anyone interested in smart investing!

  5. (Posted 3/25/2014) rates this product

    I've checked everywhere and Goldmart has the best prices and is very good with communication. I will continue to buy from here.

  6. (Posted 2/8/2014) rates this product

    This is a BEAUTIFUL bar. Mine was 2013 mintage and seemed brand new. Far and away worth the 10 cent per oz. premium over the other private mintage bars. The extra purity makes these bars very well known and highly sought after as well. Great silver and Goldmart did well with my transaction. Took about 6 or 7 days or so from the time I ordered until it was in my hands. Great job! Highly recommend RCM 100 oz Bar, and Goldmart.

  7. (Posted 11/20/2013) rates this product

    This is my third order from Goldmart and I'm very happy with the price and quality of the item bought.

  8. (Posted 9/10/2013) rates this product

    These beauties from the RCM are the best chunks of silver I've bought yet and make a great addition for stackers. This order from Goldmart took about a month to receive, not bad, not the fastest but decent. They were my 3rd order from Goldmart. Great condition, only a few small blemishes. TY Goldmart. :)

  9. (Posted 7/28/2013) rates this product

    Great service, easy to order, responsive support - Goldmart is my choice for PM purchases!

  10. (Posted 7/16/2013) rates this product

    Bars packaged well and brand new. Customer service could be more responsive to customer questions and concerns.

  11. (Posted 7/16/2013) rates this product

    Excellent price over spot, packaged well and product was brand new. I spoke to Goldmart, bars were sent to me when received from the RCM. Negatives were the 2 week processing my check, Goldmart awaiting receipt of bars from mint before shipping to me and no certificate of authenticity.

  12. (Posted 7/16/2013) rates this product

    Great price, great product, but slow delivery. It took over 4 weeks after they received payment to sip the product.

  13. (Posted 7/8/2013) rates this product

    nice BARS

  14. (Posted 6/30/2013) rates this product

    the bar was as buttery as they said it was the only thing I did not lick was is was a used bar not one that was mint sealed

  15. (Posted 5/14/2013) rates this product

    Great bar, and great service.

  16. (Posted 5/7/2013) rates this product

    The product was as described, and delivered in a timely manor without any delays.

  17. (Posted 5/7/2013) rates this product

    Bravo Canada!! A beautiful 100 oz bar. Shiny, smooth like silk and you can not beat .9999 fine. I'll be buying several more.

  18. (Posted 3/3/2013) rates this product


  19. (Posted 3/2/2013) rates this product

    Second one of these for me from goldmart. Excellent service, excellent bar.

  20. (Posted 2/24/2013) rates this product

    very great product, id reccomend it to anyone...

  21. (Posted 2/18/2013) rates this product

    beauty of a bar, shines soo bright that u could use it to trim the ole bikini line if u wanted to:)

  22. (Posted 2/16/2013) rates this product

    Gorgeous bar. I love the fact they have dates & serial numbers like the older engelhards. Shiny & arrived promptly & well-packaged. Goldmart prices are also the best around. I have a new favorite silver bar for my stack & a new preferred dealer to buy from.

  23. (Posted 2/5/2013) rates this product

    Everything about my experience in dealing with Goldmart has been exceptionally positive. These bars are beautiful, albeit heavier than I anticipated. I had sent a registered check, and the shipment was sent as soon as the check cleared. I will buy more from them, as I have checked several sources, and they seem to charge the least above spot.

  24. (Posted 2/5/2013) rates this product

    This bar was absolutely awesome. It has a glossy, shiny finish that has a ton of eye apeal not to mention it is the purest silver bar on the planet. Worth every penny. However the process to recieve the bar is very long. I paid by personal check and it took over 3 weeks to get it. I think I will try bank wire next order because I think it will ship much faster...But the product was spectacular..

  25. (Posted 1/28/2013) rates this product

    Nice looking bar

  26. (Posted 1/9/2013) rates this product

    This is a very beautiful bar. The best I've ever seen. Goldmart has impressed me. I will be a Goldmart customer in the future for sure. Thanks for the excellent quality bar.

  27. (Posted 11/1/2012) rates this product

    This bar is beautiful. Came with a few small dings but so do most silver bars from what I have seen. This is my new preference going forward. Keep stacking!

  28. (Posted 7/1/2012) rates this product

    Good experience. I paid with a personal check. The company has a policy of holding the shipment for 7 business days. I got my bars 1 day after that. Cool. -)

  29. (Posted 5/6/2012) rates this product

    The product itself is great, very nice, heavier than I thought. This is an excellent thing to get if you want to keep your silver in bulk. I own junk sliver, silver eagles, and now 100oz RCM silver bars. I would purchase this item again. The shipping was a little rough though, my package came all banged up, to me, that is good, it makes the package look like their is nothing of value in it, and the bars where well preserved.

  30. (Posted 3/12/2012) rates this product

    This is the silver bar you should buy. The purest silver bar made. Known buy all as the"RCM100", this bar commands a premium over other silver bars. I am very satisfied with the bar I purchased from Goldmart.

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