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100 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bar

100 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bar Obverse 100 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bar Obverse
  • 100 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bar Obverse

  • 100 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bar Reverse

Only $0.69 per oz over spot! Any quantity!

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SKU # 9194

IRA Eligible

Product Description:

Buy 100 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bars

Brand new 100 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bars are ideal for retail investors to buy 100 troy ounces of high-quality .999 fine silver bullion at near-wholesale prices from Goldmart with its lowest online premiums.  Purchasers receive economies of scale with a lower premium per ounce over the spot price of silver than smaller sized bars and rounds of private mints and smaller sized bars and monetized coinage of sovereign mints.  The low above-spot cost, the ease of liquidating, the ease of storing, and the esteemed brand make the 100 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar a popular investment product for stackers to store wealth, hedge against inflation, mitigate risk, and invest for retirement during uncertain economic times.

100 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bar Facts

  • Privately minted with 100 troy ounces of .999 fine silver (Ag) that is 99.9% pure.

  • Mint condition and its assayed weight and purity guaranteed by Sunshine Minting, Inc.

  • Extruded, struck, or stamped in minted form and not poured or loafed in cast form.

  • Assigned a unique serial number for identification purposes.

  • Same design as other Sunshine Minting silver bars:

    • Obverse shows the mint logo and lists the precious metal type, purity, weight and serial number.

    • Reverse features the Mint Mark SI™ anti-counterfeiting security device to authenticate the ingot as a ‘VALID’ SMI bullion.

  • Priced with a smaller above-spot cost per ounce than sovereign coinage and smaller sized bars.

  • The 100 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar is approved for Precious Metals IRAs.

100 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bar Design

Sunshine Mint’s design elements of its 100 oz silver bar are the same as that of its 1 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz silver bars and its oz gold bar; the size is the only difference.

The obverse of the 100 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar features the foundry’s globally recognized logo – a stylized sun behind a majestic eagle on the hunt with unfurled wings and grasping talons.  Four inscriptions are minted: the purity or millesimal fineness, ‘.999 FINE’; the precious metal type, ‘SILVER’; the weight, ‘100 OUNCES’; and, unlike its smaller sized silver bars, Sunshine Mint assigns a unique, identifying serial number to the 100 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar.

The reverse of the 100 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar displays the repetitive design of multiple suns on successive diagonal lines behind SMI’s anti-counterfeiting technology, the innovative Mint Mark Scrambled Indicia bullion security pad.  The Mint Mark SI™ is a plainly textured disk that reveals ‘VALID’ when viewed through the decoding lens to let investors easily authenticate the 100 oz silver bar as genuine Sunshine Minting, Inc. silver bullion.

About Sunshine Minting

Sunshine Minting, Inc. is an American-based private refiner that is globally recognized for its fabrication of high-quality precious metal products since 1979.  Its ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in Shanghai, China refine gold and silver and mint SMI branded bars and rounds.  Sunshine Minting, Inc. also offers a varied portfolio of products and custom minting services including semi-fabricated plates and planchets to both private and sovereign institutions.  The United States Mint even requisitions blanks from SMI that it uses to produce its Gold and Silver American Eagle coin series.

100 oz Sunshine Minting Silver Bar Packaging

  • Bars are individually packaged in an original mint box.

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