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2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coin

2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coin Reverse 2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coin Reverse
  • 2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coin Reverse

  • 2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coin Obverse

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Product Description:

Buy 2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coins

The new 2019 30 gram Chinese Gold Panda Coin is China Gold Coin Incorporation’s 38th issuance of its collectable .999 fine gold bullion series since 1982.  In 2016, China Gold Coin Incorporation (CGCI) converted to metric units from units of imperial measure for its Gold Panda series and Silver Panda coins.  The 2019 Chinese Gold Panda Coin with a face value of 500 Yuan (元) is minted with 30 grams (0.9645 troy ounces) of 24 karat gold instead of 1 troy ounce (31.1035 grams).  Smaller Gold Pandas sizes include 1 gram or 10 Yuan, 3 gram or 50 Yuan, 8 gram or 100 Yuan, and 15 gram or 200 Yuan weights.  2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coins are available to buy from Goldmart to add to Gold Panda and Silver Panda collections.

Where does China Gold Coin Incorporation Mint Gold Panda Coins?

The Beijing based China Gold Coin Incorporation (中 国 金 币 网), or CGCI, mints the 2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coin at its three different mints located in Shenzhen Guobao, Shenyang, and Shanghai.  The coins do not feature a mint mark to denote which mint.  Instead, the original mint plastic sealing the coins is imprinted with the mint name.  Adding to the collectability of the Gold Panda series, past mintages issued from each mint would occasionally exhibit subtle variances in the design that distinguished the mint such as font size, small and large dates, and the temple design.

2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Facts

  • Contains 30 grams, or 0.9645 troy ounces, of .999 fine gold that is 24 karat pure.
  • Sovereign coinage guaranteed by The People’s Bank of China.
  • Legal tender with a face value of ‘500元’ (Yuan).
  • Protectively sealed in original mint plastic.
  • Obverse features the static design of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests.
  • Reverse bears an annually changing depiction of a Giant Panda.
  • The 2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coin is Precious Metals IRA-approved.

2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Design

The never-changing obverse of the Chinese Gold Panda (熊 猫 金 币) series depicts the ancient Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests (祈 年 殿), an integral building in the religious complex of the Temple of Heaven (天 坛) in Beijing.  Emperors of the Ming (明) and Qing (清) dynasties would embark on religious pilgrimages to annually frequent the Temple of Heaven and perform their heavenly appointed duty as interlocutor with heaven by praying for good weather and abundant harvests.  Two inscriptions are minted: The People’s Republic of China written in Mandarin characters, ‘中 华 人 民 共 和 国’; and the year of mintage, ‘2019’.

Since its 1982 debut, the collectable Chinese Gold Panda series has featured annually changing designs of a panda bear on the reverse except for the 2002 issuance which used the 2001 design.  In 2019, the annually changing design on the reverse of the 30 g Chinese Gold Panda showcases a maternal giant panda (大 熊 猫) cradling her infant cub in her paws.  A mountain range is visible in the distance.  This same design is also used on the smaller weights of the Gold Panda series as well as on the Silver Panda coin.  Three inscriptions are minted: the face value, ‘500元’; the precious metal type and millesimal fineness, ‘Au .999’; and the weight, ‘30 g’. 

Order 2019 30 g Gold Panda Coins Online from Goldmart

Save money when buying 2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Coins from Goldmart, America’s low-cost precious metals dealer.  Increase your Panda collection by also purchasing the 15 g, 8 g, 3 g, and 1 g Gold Panda weights and the 1 oz Silver Panda coin.  Ordering online is easy and we also have account representatives available at 888-470-0170 that add that human touch to the purchasing process.

2019 30 g Chinese Gold Panda Packaging

  • Multiples of 10 coins come individually packaged in an original mint-sealed sheet.
  • Less than 10 coins come individually packaged in original mint-sealed plastic.
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