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90% Silver Quarter and Dime Coins $1 Face Value

90% Silver Quarter and Dime Coins
  • 90% Silver Quarter and Dime Coins

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Product Description:

Buy 90% Silver Quarter and Dime Coins Online

The term “junk silver” may summon a bad rap outside of bullion trading, but numismatists know their true value. Although 90% silver coins do not add much value to a collection, they are nonetheless a great introduction to owning physical silver bullion in your hands. Plus, the history behind these coins will please any American history buff. Collect silver for your desired purpose with this assortment of 90% Silver Quarter and Dime Coins in $1 face value increments, here at Goldmart.

  • Released by the United States Mint
  • Each $1 face value contains 0.715 troy ounces of silver melded with copper
  • Guaranteed pre-1965 mintage
  • Comes in protective plastic packaging
  • Obverse and reverse designs feature national symbols of American heritage


These coins show the range of the United States Mint, which has been in operation since 1792. The 90%-10% silver-copper alloy was commonly incorporated into US currency until 1965, when silver production became costly. Post-1965, these coins remain in demand for their physical silver content, their low premiums and, of course, their historical value. 

Familiar images that you can find on these coins are the variations of the goddess Liberty (standing, wearing her Phrygian cap), former US Presidents George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the torch of liberty, the olive branch of peace, and the like. You will also find engravings of US mottoes “In God We Trust” and “e pluribus unum” (“out of many, one”).

Diversify your silver ownings with various 90% Quarter and Dime Coins. It’s at Goldmart where you’ll find the best deals!

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