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 Proof American Gold Buffalo Coins

Proof American Gold Buffalo Coins

Buy American Proof Gold Buffalo Coins Online from Goldmart

American Proof Gold Buffalo Coins are the proof version, or the collector’s version, of the American Gold Buffalo Coins. They are historically known as the first 24-karat gold proof coin released by the US Mint and are sought as an exclusive item among numismatists. These proof coins are minted at the West Point Mint and showcase images that are based off of James Earle Fraser’s original 1913 Type I Buffalo nickel designs. Each proof coin is comprised of one troy ounce of 99.99% pure gold

Proof American Gold Buffalo Coins
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1 oz Proof American Gold Buffalo Coin (Random Year)
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American Proof Gold Buffalo Design

Proof coins are minted in a process different to that of other bullion coins. What collectors will love about the proof version of the American Gold Buffalo is the duality of its softly-frosted and almost mirror-like craftsmanship. The proof is a perfect platform for Fraser’s widely recognizable 1913 Buffalo nickel or Indian Head nickel design.

The coin’s obverse sports the dignified visage of a Native American brave, a realistic composite of Native American chiefs such as Iron Tail (Lakota) and Two Moons (Cheyenne). The reverse side is modeled after an American bison named Black Diamond whom Fraser claimed to observe at the Bronx Zoo (later disputed to be the Central Park Zoo). Regardless, the proof mint is a tribute to America’s wild west history; to its first inhabitants and to the spirit of an animal known to be strong, gentle, and resilient in the wild.

History of American Proof Gold Buffalo Coins

American Proof Gold Buffalo Coins were first minted and released to the public in June of 2006 as mandated by the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005. In Title II of said Act, the government issued guidelines to the minting of Gold Buffalo bullion and proof coins. The guidelines specified that this coin be a numismatic item; that it replicate the Fraser’s famed Buffalo nickel design; that it bear certain inscriptions; that it be ascribed a face value of $50; and that the gold ore used to produce it be mined within the United States.

The legislation marked the first time that the US Mint had released a 24-karat gold coin of a .9999 level of purity. The American Gold Eagle is only issued in 22-karat or .9167 fine gold. The Gold Buffalo Coins entered the market in earnest against other 24k bullion coins from around the world, such as the Austrian Gold Philharmonic and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

American Proof Gold Buffalo Coins at Present

American Proof Gold Buffalo Coins comprise a small yet valuable fraction of the bullion trading market. All the same, the proofs foster appeal for their relatively low mintage— thus upping the likelihood for a return on investment upon acquisition—and for their timeless, bold aesthetic design. Get in touch with Goldmart to purchase an American Proof Gold Buffalo Coin.

Why You Should Order American Proof Gold Buffalo Coins Online from Goldmart

Goldmart is a repository for one-of-a-kind treasures such as American Proof Gold Buffalo Coins. We work with official distributors of the world’s most esteemed precious metals to be able to offer our customers the lowest prices on the internet.  When you buy American Proof Gold Buffalos, you will receive a random year coin in brilliant uncirculated condition with its original government packaging and certificate of authenticity. To place an order for American Proof Gold Buffalo Coins, simply place the desired quantity into your shopping cart and proceed to check out or call 888-470-0170 to have an associate assist you.