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 Uncirculated American Gold Buffalo Coins

Uncirculated American Gold Buffalo Coins

Buy Uncirculated American Gold Buffalos from Goldmart

The Uncirculated American Gold Buffalo is the United States Mint’s first 24kt, .9999 fine gold bullion coin ever.  Historically, the US Mint has always issued circulating gold coins in lesser but more durable purities.  From 1795 until 1833, English crown gold, which is 22kt gold, was the norm.  89.92% pure gold would be used only for several years from 1834-1836 before a small increase in purity in 1837 would make it 90.00% pure gold.  Prior to the American Gold Buffalo’s debut in 2006, the US Mint’s only other modern gold coin was the American Gold Eagle suite that was first released in 1986, but in 22kt, 91.67% pure gold.

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Controversy Surrounding the Uncirculated American Gold Buffalo Design

It can be argued that the design of the coin replicating James Earl Fraser’s historic 1913 Buffalo Nickel or Indian Head Nickel was as much responsible, if not more so, than its 24kt purity for the success of the series.  In fact, the American Gold Buffalo was so well received that when its 10-year minting authorized by the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 was set to expire in 2016 that Congress, in 2015, passed the Collectible Coin Production Efficiency and Cost Saving Act which authorized the continual mintage of the series indefinitely.

The American Gold Buffalo bears a modified version of the Indian Head nickel or the Buffalo nickel, designed by James Earl Fraser in 1913.  Controversy and speculation regarding the identities of which Indians inspired Fraser’s design of the brave on the obverse continue even to this day.  In 1938, Fraser, in an unsuccessful bid to quell the rumors stated that he based the brave on features of Iron Tail of the Sioux, Big Tree of the Kiowa, and Two Moons of the Cheyenne.

The word LIBERTY, the year of mintage, and the initial F for Frasier are featured on the top side.

The reverse side features a bison or buffalo that Fraser felt was 100% American, a part of America’s western background that could not be mistaken for a coin of any other country.  Controversy again surrounded the identity of the buffalo Fraser drew inspiration from.  Fraser admitted to modelling his design after Black Diamond at the Bronx Zoo.  However, Black Diamond was only ever at the Central Park Zoo.  Therefore, it has been speculated that a bison by the name of Bowers who was the leader of the herd at the Bronx Zoo may have been Fraser’s model.

The de facto motto of the United States, E PLURIBUS UNUM, the de jure motto, IN GOD WE TRUST, the face value, $50, and the weight, purity, and precious metal type, 1 OZ. .9999 FINE GOLD, are struck on the back side.

Mintages of the Uncirculated American Gold Buffalo

Annual total mintages of the Uncirculated American Gold Buffalo have varied drastically throughout its production with as many as 337,012 coins issued in 2006 to as little as 99,500 coins minted in 2017.  Just as with all coins, lower mintages can make certain years more desirable among collectors, especially when the coins have been graded.  The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 was amended limiting the annual mintage to only 300,000 coins.  The following table shows the annual mintages of the series.































Original Mint Plastic Sheets and Mint Tubes

From 2006 until 2015, 20 Uncirculated American Gold Buffalos were individually sealed into compartmentalized, original mint plastic sheets.  These sheets protected each coin from direct contact with other coins and from the elements.  They also allowed coins to be cut from the sheet and still remain sealed in plastic.  In fact, the value of the coins would become diminished if they were removed from the plastic.

In 2016, the US Mint began packaging 20 American Gold Buffalo coins into mint tubes that it used for American Gold Eagle coins. 

Order Uncirculated American Gold Buffalos from Goldmart

If you are interested in expanding your gold bullion portfolio with Uncirculated and even Proof American Gold Buffalo Coins, then you have come to the right place.  Goldmart is composed of a team of professionals in the precious metals industry, and is a PCGS and NGC authorized dealer. Thus, you can rest assured that all products you buy from us are authentic and have the best prices on the Internet. Call and speak to a representative at 1-888-470-0170 to order or create a free account and checkout online.