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 American Gold Eagle Coins

American Gold Eagle Coins

Buy American Gold Eagle Coins

As the official gold bullion coin of the United States and perhaps the world, buying into the American Gold Eagle Coin suite is a trusted and proven way to effectively start a precious metals portfolio or add to an existing one.  The American Gold Eagle Suite provides variety to differing investment strategies with three different types and four different weights of durable 22 karat gold.

History of American Gold Eagle Coins

Congress passed the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 that authorized the United States Mint to produce American Gold Eagle Coins.  The program allowed a monetized gold bullion coin to be minted that displayed certain devices and legends and contained gold that was recently and domestically mined.

In 1986, the United States Mint issued Uncirculated American Gold Eagle Coins in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz sizes and a 1 oz Proof American Gold Eagle Coin.  It would take two more years for the Proof American Gold Eagle Coin series to be completed with the addition of the 1/2 oz weight in 1987 and the 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz weights in 1988.  In 2006, on the 20th Anniversary of the American Gold Eagle Coin series, the United States Mint issued Burnished American Eagle Coins in a four-coin program.  However, in 2009, this new series would be thereafter issued in only the 1 oz weight.

American Gold Eagle Coin Design

The American Gold Eagle Coin suite is revered for the artistic beauty of its design shared across all the types and weights of its mintage.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ famous Lady Liberty design featured from 1907 through 1932 on the $20 Double Gold Eagle coin series graces the obverse of the American Gold Eagle Coin suite.  The Roman goddess, Libertas, steps upon the rock of injustice with a torch, emblematic of progress, raised in her right hand and an olive branch, symbolizing peace, grasped firmly in her left hand.  In the background stands the capital building and to each side of her shine thirteen rays of sunshine that represent the original thirteen colonies.  In the foreground lie boughs of oak that are indicative of America’s military prowess.  Lastly, fifty stars, one for each state, border the front of the coin.

Two legends are engraved on the obverse—the word ‘LIBERTY’ and the year of minting.  In fact, the year of minting is the only feature of the American Gold Eagle Coin suite to have changed when, in 1992, Arabic numerals replaced Roman numerals.

Engraver Miley Busiek (Tucker Frost) brought alive the family of nesting bald eagles on the reverse of the American Eagle Gold Coin suite.  The paternal bald eagle offers his mate and brood the symbolic olive branch of peace clutched in his talons.  The maternal bald eagle protectively surrounds the hatchlings with her wings as she welcomes her partner’s return.

Six legends are engraved on the reverse—the issuing nation, ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’, the de facto motto of the United States, ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’, and the de jure motto, ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’, the weight, the precious metal type, and the face value.

American Gold Eagle Coin Weights

The American Gold Eagle Coin series is minted with 22 kt gold that is 91.67% gold alloyed with 3.00% silver and 5.33% copper to make it durable. However, the weight stated on each coin size is the amount of actual gold in troy ounces within the coin.  1 troy ounce is the equivalent of 31.1035 grams or 1.09714 avoirdupois ounces.  Keep in mind that not every type was minted every year or in all weights.  Also, each different coin weight has an associated face value stated in US Dollars (USD).

The American Gold Eagle Coin suite is available in the following weights with corresponding monetary denominations:


Gold Weight (troy ounces)

Face Value (USD)










Uncirculated American Gold Eagle Coins

The Uncirculated American Gold Eagle Coin series is the flagship product of the United States Mint and the most popular gold bullion coin in the world.  Originally released in 1986 in four sizes, demand for the coin series has fluctuated throughout its mintage.  In fact, while new coins can be purchased near the spot price of gold, some weights of certain years with low demand and subsequently low mintage have appreciated in price and have become modern numismatics where their collectable value is worth more than their gold content.

Proof American Gold Eagle Coins

Traditionally in the past, limited mintages of proof coins were early samples of coin issuances used to assess die quality and for records-keeping.  Beyond their inherent beauty, their extreme rarity made them highly valuable and desirable.  Nowadays, mints typically issue a proof version of their bullion series in addition to other proof commemorative medals and numismatic coins.

The Proof American Gold Eagle Coin suite is a modern-day numismatic that is appreciated by collectors, traders, and investors alike.  Proof American Gold Eagle Coins are similar to their uncirculated counterparts in that they feature the same design and are available in the same weights.  However, the proof version displays an almost mirror-like luster from being double-struck and polished during production.  This proofing of the coin enhances the aesthetic appeal and, combined with a lower mintage than Uncirculated American Gold Eagle Coins, increases its initial cost to investors. 

Burnished American Gold Eagle Coins

Like the proof gold coins, the Burnished American Gold Eagle Coins are a special issue for collectors that are only issued nowadays in the 1 oz size.  If it wasn’t for the ‘W’ mint-mark, which denotes it being minted at the West Point branch, Burnished American Gold Eagle Coins would be virtually indistinguishable from their uncirculated counterparts to many investors.  The trained eye, however, is able to detect the special frosted finish that is created when the gold planchettes are collided with numerous 6mm balls in a spinning drum during production.