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 Australian Gold Coins

Australian Gold Coins

Buy Australian Gold Coins Online from Goldmart

Australia’s gold industry is one of the most prolific in the world. Moreover, Australia has the world’s largest share of gold reserves and contributes as much as $16 billion in value for gold exports. One way to experience part of this globally touted industry is to explore Australia’s gold bullion, or its gold coins. Much of Australia’s bullion is released by the Perth Mint, the oldest operating Royal Mint facility in the South Pacific. Australian gold coins are minted using .9999 fine or 99.99% pure gold in a variety of series including the Kangaroo, Nugget, and Lunar Series II that may consist of different weights of 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz, 1 kg, and even a 1 ton size.

Australian Gold Coin Designs

Aside from size and purity of material, Australian Gold Coins appeal to collectors for the variety of designs available.  The Gold Nugget series debuted in 1986 and depicted different large and famous specimens such as Welcome Stranger found in 1869, Poseidon found in 1906, Golden Eagle found in 1931, and Hand of Faith in 1980.  This series began featuring kangaroos on the reverse from 1990 forward and, in 2008, officially became the Gold Kangaroo series that celebrates the national animal of Australia with different designs appearing on the reverse each year.

Another signature mintage that has grown popular with collectors is Perth Mint’s Lunar Series II, which depicts animals in the Chinese lunar calendar such as the pig, rooster, dog, rabbit, dragon, and tiger.

History of Australian Gold Coins

Australia’s bullion trade began during the colonial rule of Britain. The country was discovered to be rich in ore reserves, especially in areas such as the Australian Outback. The Royal Mint of London subsequently established its first minting facility in Sydney in 1855. The Sydney Mint was followed by the Melbourne Mint in 1872, and lastly by the Perth Mint in 1899.

The Perth Mint, in particular, cemented Australia’s reputation as a world leader in bullion trading. By the middle of the 1900s, the Perth Mint had produced more than 106 million gold sovereign coins and 735,000 half-sovereign coins used as currency throughout the British Empire. By the year 2000, the same minting facility boasted 3.25% of the gold production done by mankind.  Nowadays, the Perth Mint is responsible for all precious metal operations with its consolidation of operations of the now closed Melbourne and Sydney Mints.

The Biggest Coin from the Biggest Mint

In 2011, Australia broke a world record for the largest and most valuable gold coin, beating Canada. The coin, embossed with a kangaroo on one face and Queen Elizabeth’s profile on the other, weighed 1 ton and was almost 80 centimeters long in diameter and 12 centimeters wide in thickness. The Perth Mint commissioned the making of this gargantuan gold coin in time for the Queen’s meeting of Commonwealth heads of government in Western Australia that same year.

Suffice to say, Australian gold bullion will endow a measure of prestige to any collector. Contact Goldmart now to purchase any of these world-class Australian gold coins.

How to Shop for Australian Gold Coins

To find Australian Gold Coins and other global treasures, one needs only to browse Goldmart. We are a reputable team of precious metal dealers registered to the Certified Coin Exchange and an authorized dealer of PCGS and NGC. We ship authentic precious metals from around the world to your doorstep that we source directly from official mint distributors, mints themselves, or from our vast dealer networks and we vie to be your next trusted partner in bullion purchasing. Let us know which Australian Gold Coins you’re interested in by calling 1-844-470-0170, emailing, or messaging us through our live chat.