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 Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins

Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins

Buy Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins Online from Goldmart

One of the most popular, most sold gold bullion coins of all time is the Austrian Gold Philharmonic.  In fact, it was even the best-selling gold coin in the world in 1992, 1995, 1996, and 2000.  These beautiful gold coins are the oeuvre of the historic Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich) established in 1194.  This is why Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins, with a design inspired by the acclaimed Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, are as much a celebration of Austria’s arts and culture as they are its history with its 800-year-old mint.  Have Goldmart help you place Austrian Gold Philharmonics and even Silver Philharmonics or Platinum Philharmonics into your precious metals ensemble.

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A Classical Design

Vienna was always a cultural hub where some of the most prolific artists, authors, and musicians in the world gathered.  It was here in 1842 that, what some would call the finest orchestra ever, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra was officially founded.  Nearly 150 years later, the Austrian Mint charged its chief engraver, Thomas Pesendorfer, to draw inspiration from it in designing Austria’s official gold bullion coin and thus the Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin was issued into existence in 1989.

The obverse side of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic features the acclaimed Great Organ of the Wiener Musikverein, the concert hall home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.  Its opulent design showcases its three ranks decorated in the Neo-Classical style reminiscent of ancient Greek temples.  A pair of statuettes are depicted playing instruments as they rest upon the pediment; four additional standing statuettes decorate the pillars between the ranks.  The entire organ rests upon an intricately detailed stylobate.

The words REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH (Republic of Austria), the weight, GOLD .9999, the year of mintage, and the face value are minted on the top side of the coin.

Unlike musicians of other orchestras who bring their own instruments to concert, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra lends its own instruments to its musicians.  This ensures that the same fine-tuned sound heard by past concertgoers will be enjoyed by future concertgoers.  The reverse side of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic displays these instruments of the orchestra with a cello, violins, and violas of the string section, a Heckel bassoon of belonging to the woodwind section, a Viennese horn of the brass section, and a pedal harp.

WIENER PHILHARMONIKER (Vienna Philharmonic) is the only inscription minted on the back side of the coin.

Of Schillings and Euros

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic suite was denominated in Schillings (öS) beginning with its debut in 1989.   Austria joined the European Union on January 1, 1995 and adopted the euro (€) on January 1, 1999.  However, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin suite and Austrian Silver Philharmonics would continue to have a monetary denomination stated in Schillings until 2002 when the euro would inevitably replace it.

Gold Weight (oz t)

Face Value (ATS)


Face Value (EUR)

2002- Present


2000 öS



1000 öS



500 öS



200 öS





Special Issuances

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic has issued two limited-edition coins and one new weight since 1989 to celebrate anniversary milestones of the series.

  • 15th Anniversary—The Austrian Mint issued the Big Phil in 2004 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic.  Only 15 coins were minted, each weighing a massive 1,0000 troy ounces of.9999 fine gold and carrying a face value of €100,000.
  • 20th Anniversary—In 2009, to observe the 20th anniversary of the series, the Austrian Mint issued 2,009 celebratory Gold Philharmonic Coins that each weighed 20 troy ounces and had a face value of €14,000.  This release was issued in three individual batches, one each for the American, Japanese, and European gold markets.
  • 25th Anniversary—The Austrian Mint issued a special 1/25th oz Gold Philharmonic to mark the 25th anniversary of the series in 2014.  However, the small fractional size was so well received by investors, that it became a staple of the series and has been issued annually ever since.

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