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 British Gold Coins

British Gold Coins

Buy British Gold Coins Online

The United Kingdom and its Royal Mint are one of the world’s forerunners in coining precious metals.  In fact, the Royal Mint puts over 1100 years of experience into its modern gold coin programs including the Britannia and the Queen’s Beasts series.  Many investors believe there is no better way to add prominence to bullion portfolios than in the form of British Gold Coins.  If they are good enough for royalty then they are good enough for you. 

Britannia and Queen’s Beasts

Akin to the American Gold Eagle issuance by the United States Mint, the standard gold bullion coin produced by the Royal Mint is the Gold Britannia.  This coin celebrates Britannia, the personified Roman goddess and protectress of Great Britain.  Although it once was made with .9167 crown gold, it is now issued using .9999 fine gold in six different weights including 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, and 5 oz to give investors the purest gold in the right size for their portfolio.

The Queens’ Beasts series celebrates the royal bloodline of Queen Elizabeth II.  Each of the ten heraldic beasts presented in the series is depicted with a shield emblazoned with the coat of arms of ancestral families associated with Her Majesty.  The first coin of the series was released in 2016 and, with the release of two coin each year, the last coin is scheduled to be released in 2021.  The Queen’s Beasts Coins that comprise the series include the

  • Lion of England
  • Unicorn of Scotland
  • Red Dragon of Wales
  • Black Bull of Clarence
  • Falcon of the Plantagenets
  • Yale of Beaufort
  • White Lion of Mortimer
  • White Horse of Hanover
  • White Greyhound of Richmond
  • Griffin of Edward III

Both the Britannia and Queen’s Beasts series are also available in silver and platinum versions.

The Modern History of Owning Gold Coins in Great Britain

Gold coins have always been an integral part of the monetary system of Great Britain.  The English Gold Sovereign was issued from 1489 until 1604 and was the inspiration for the British Gold Sovereign that was first issued in 1817.  Buying and selling gold was a free enterprise for residents of the United Kingdom until the enactment of the Exchange Control Act in 1966. That said act dictated that no UK resident could hold onto more than 4 gold coins dated past 1817 without a collector’s license from the Bank of England. The law became defunct in 1971, but a value-added-tax (VAT) was subsequently placed on gold coins in 1973 that made it still difficult to invest in gold coins.

From 1995 to 1999, it became easier to buy and sell gold bullion in secondary markets because of a VAT exemption. However, firsthand dealers still were required to pay a VAT tax. In 2000, gold bullion was reclassified by the United Kingdom as VAT-free, thus completely removing impeding restrictions and barriers to buying and selling gold coins and ultimately bolstering the desires of gold investors.

British Gold Coins remain a firm fixture in the international bullion trading industry. These coins will add all-around and time-tested value to your portfolio.  To acquire British Gold Coins for collection or investment, contact Goldmart today.

Buy British Gold Coins from Goldmart

When acquiring treasures like British Gold Coins, consider Goldmart your top destination. We take pride in dealing some of the world’s finest precious metal mints and work diligently with mint distributors and trading partners to offer the best products at the lowest prices.  Tap us to be your trusted partner in bullion purchasing by signing up for a free account and placing the order online or calling 888-470-0170 and having an account representative assist you.