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 British Gold Britannia Coins

British Gold Britannia Coins

Buy British Gold Britannia Coins Online

The British Gold Britannia is the official gold bullion coin of Great Britain.  Although the series only dates back to 1987, its inspiration, the heroine Britannia, dates back to the second century A.D. when the island of Britannia, or Roman Britain, was personified as a Roman goddess wearing a Corinthian helmet and armed with a trident and shield.  Around that time, nearly 2,000 years ago, this depiction of Britannia was first featured on circulating coinage. Today, The Royal Mint continues to pay homage to the stalwart protectress of Great Britain on uncirculated British Gold Britannia and also Silver Britannia and Platinum Britannia coins.

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The Royal Design of the British Gold Britannia

The Royal Mint with the aid of sculptor Phillip Nathan reimagined for the to-be-issued gold bullion coin, the countenance of Britannia who has appeared intermittently on coinage since first struck on the Hadrian Denarius in 117 AD.  A competition was sanctioned and from 52 designs of Britannia submitted by 14 artists, Nathan’s rendition was selected.  There have been select years in which Nathan’s design was not featured on the reverse, however, in 2012, his Britannia would become the permanent reverse for the uncirculated series.

Britannia, as designed by Phillip Nathan, is poised on an outcropping of rock looking westward over the ocean.  Her robe flows from her body, delineating a segment of Great Britain’s western coast.  A regal Corinthian helmet upon her crown symbolizes her preparedness to wage war; Neptune’s trident is clutched tightly in her right fist representing the British Empire’s maritime might; her left hand holds onto both an olive branch showing her desire for peace and a shield decorated with the Union Jack, a testament to Great Britain’s ability to defend itself.  

The words BRITANNIA, the year of mintage, the weight, and 999.9 FINE GOLD are minted along the rim.

The British Gold Britannia, like all other base metal specie and precious metal coins of Commonwealth realms, features the portrait of the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.  Two other popular coins issued by member nations that also depict Her Majesty include the Gold Maple Leaf of Canada and the Gold Kangaroo of Australia.

In 1952, Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of England.  The following year, 1953, her coronation took place, officially making her Queen.  Also, that year, the first definitive coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II appeared on coins of the Commonwealth.  To date, there have been a total of five definitive coin portraits with only the last three appearing on the British Gold Britannia suite.

  • Third Definitive Coin Portrait—Raphael Maklouf’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II crowned in the Diamond Diadem and sporting the Coronation Earrings and Necklace appeared on British Gold Britannia Coins from 1987 until 1997.
  • Fourth Definitive Coin Portrait—Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Her Majesty graced the Gold Britannia from 1998 through 2015.  To this day, IRB’s design continues to be used on coinage of various commonwealth realms.  The right-facing Queen is shown wearing what is believed to be her favorite crown, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara.
  • Fifth Definitive Coin Portrait—Jody Clark, the youngest engraver in mint history, designed the portrait of the Queen of England that has appeared on British Gold Britannia Coins since its 2016 debut.  JC depicts the Queen again in the Diamond Diadem but only with the Coronation Earrings and not the necklace.

The words ELIZABETH II, 100 POUNDS, and D G REG FD (Dei Gratia Regina, By the Grace of God, Queen, Fidei Defensor, Defender of the Faith) are minted encircling the Queen’s portrait.

From 22kt Crown Gold to 24kt Pure Gold

When the British Gold Britannia suite was first minted in 1987, The Royal Mint used .9167 fine gold alloyed with copper that was 22kt pure and commonly known as Crown gold.  This meant that in every 12 parts material, there was 11 parts gold and 1 part copper.  In 1990, shortly after its initial release, silver would replace the copper alloy in the gold.  Then, in a bid in 2013 to become more competitive with other purer gold coins, The Royal Mint increased the fineness of its gold to .9999, a purity of 24kt.  

Weights and Face Values

The British Gold Britannia Coin suite is composed of six different weights with each being ascribed a face value. 

Gold Weight (oz t)

Face Value (GBP)














Collectible Issuances

The Royal Mint, over the years, has released special issuances of the British Gold Britannia Coin that retain collectible appeal among investors.  Some of these collectible releases feature privy marks depicting zodiac animals to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Calender and others feature an Oriental border.  Some people even collect Gold Britannias that have alternate reverse designs of Britannia that are different than the traditional design by Phillip Nathan.  Here is a list of such reverses.




The Charioteer


Britannia and the Lion


The Britannia Helmet


The Seated Britannia


The Wreath Britannia


Britannia and the Waves


The Charioteer


The Profile Britannia


The Union Flag Britannia


How to Order British Gold Britannia Coins Online from Goldmart

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