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Upon the placement of any order with Goldmart, whether a purchase or sale order, a binding agreement with Goldmart is created upon all of the terms and conditions set forth in these Ordering Policies and Procedures (this “Agreement”) and the User Agreement, Market Loss Policy and Privacy Policy set forth in other areas of this website, all of which are hereby incorporated into these Ordering Policies and Procedures as if fully set forth herein.


Upon placing a purchase order with Goldmart, you (“you” or “Buyer”) will be required to provide a deposit in the amount of five percent (5%) of the total purchase price (the “Deposit”) by credit or debit card. This is to protect Goldmart in the event of a breach of this Agreement by you. You will be given the transaction price (which will include the price per item and the total transaction price including shipping and insurance) and a confirmation number. The transaction price for orders over $15,000 will be guaranteed for a period of 2 business days provided that payment for such transaction is received within such 2-business day period. The transaction price for orders under $15,000 will be guaranteed for a period of 5 days provided that payment for such transaction is received within such 5-day period. Once a transaction price is established and a confirmation number issued, the transaction cannot be cancelled for any reason except in Goldmart’s sole and absolute discretion; provided, however, if payment in full of the transaction price is not received within the 2 or 5-day period specified above, as applicable, the transaction will be cancelled by Goldmart and the Deposit will be retained by Goldmart to compensate Goldmart for damages incurred in connection with the cancelled transaction. See Goldmart’s Market Loss Policy for more information. The receipt and credit of your funds after said period shall not waive or limit Goldmart’s remedies for such default. You shall not be entitled to any market gains on any transaction in which you have defaulted.

You waive the right to specifically enforce any transaction. In the event a transaction fails to occur by reason of Buyer’s default, Goldmart and Buyer agree that, based upon the circumstances then existing, known or unknown, Goldmart and Buyer each recognize and agree that it would be excessively costly and impracticable to establish Goldmart’s damages by reason of Buyer’s default and it would be reasonable to award Goldmart liquidated damages in the amount of the Deposit. Both parties agree that such amount stated as liquidated damages is a reasonable estimate of Goldmart’s damages in the event of Buyer’s default and such amount shall be in lieu of any other monetary relief to which Goldmart may otherwise be entitled by virtue of these Ordering Policies and Procedures or by operation of law. Accordingly, Goldmart shall be entitled to retain the Deposit as liquidated damages for Buyer’s breach or failure to complete the transaction. Goldmart hereby agrees that liquidated damages set forth herein shall be the sole remedy of Goldmart in the event of a default by Buyer and Seller hereby waives any right to specific performance by Buyer.


Goldmart accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, bank wires, certified checks, cashiers' checks, personal checks, U.S. postal money orders. Credit Card payments are accepted for orders of $5,000 or less. Bank wires are accepted for orders of any size. Checks and U.S. Postal Money Orders are accepted for transactions up to $20,000. Goldmart does not accept Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) or any other form of payment at this time.

No item will be shipped until such time as payment in full for such item has been received by Goldmart. In this regard, payments by personal, certified or cashiers’ checks or money orders are subject to a holding period of 7 banking days and must be postmarked within two business days of a confirmed order. Bank wires should clear within one business day; accordingly, bank wires are preferred by Goldmart as a method of payment.


Goldmart works very hard to process and ship all orders in a timely fashion; however processing times are dependent upon payment method and other factors which may be beyond Goldmart’s control. Please note that shipping times cannot be guaranteed because of volatile precious metals market conditions that can, from time to time, restrict supply and thereby delay shipments. You should therefore allow up to 30 business days for shipment. Orders placed on a Saturday or Sunday will begin processing the following Monday. Orders placed on a federal holiday, regardless of day or time, will begin processing on the next business day.

The periods listed below are estimates only and assume normal market conditions. Goldmart will not be responsible or liable for delays caused to such processing times, whether caused by Goldmart or otherwise.

Method of PaymentProcessing Time
Bank Wire 2 - 4 business days
Credit Card/ Debit Card 2 - 4 business days
Certified Check/Cashier's Check/Money Order 7 business days
Personal Check 7 business days



All orders under $500.00 and less than 10 troy ounces of silver ship via United States Postal Service (“USPS”) first class mail. All orders over 10 troy ounces of silver or over $500.00 typically ship USPS 2-day Priority Mail, but may also ship FedEx Ground, UPS or USPS registered. All orders over $17,500.00 for gold, platinum and palladium coins and bullion will be typically delivered via overnight delivery service with signature required, but may also ship FedEx 2-day, UPS, or USPS Registered Mail at Goldmart’s discretion. Bulk silver will always be shipped via ground delivery with signature required. Ground delivery can take up to 5 business days. All shipments will require the signature of the buyer for acceptance of delivery. All shipments are insured for the total value; provided, however, that Goldmart shall not be responsible (either through insurance or otherwise) for shipments that are left with persons other than the buyer or which the buyer instructs the shipping company to leave without personal acceptance of the shipment. If items are lost, stolen or damaged in transit, Goldmart will submit an insurance claim with the insurance company. Goldmart reserves the right to re-ship similar items of equal or greater quality or refund the price of such items in Goldmart’s sole and absolute discretion.

FREE Shipping for all orders over $10,000.00

Shipping and insurance charges will be billed to the customer at checkout and will be based on the transaction amount as follows:

Transaction AmountShipping & Insurance Charge*
$0.00 - $159.99 $4.95*
$160.00 - $1,999.99 $8.95*
$2,000.00 - $3,999.99 $13.95*
$4,000.00 - $7,499.99 $17.95*
$7,500.00 - $9,999.99 $19.95*
$10,000.00 & above FREE

* Orders paid in full by credit card add 3.25% surcharge.


Goldmart may be required to collect sales tax on your order depending on state and federal law, where applicable. Any surcharge on credit card orders will be added to shipping charges at checkout.


During processing, you may sell back your order to Goldmart at Goldmart’s then current displayed buy price, however this does not apply to orders paid by credit card or debit card.


No returns. All sales are final.


When inventory supply necessitates, Goldmart reserves the right to exchange product, troy ounce for troy ounce, or equal premium or higher.


  Trading through an electronic trading or order routing system exposes you to risks associated with system or component failure. Further, internet service providers are not 100% reliable. In the event of system or component failure, it is possible that, for a certain time period, you may not be able to enter new orders, execute existing orders, or modify or cancel orders that were previously entered. System or component failure may also result in loss of orders or order priority. Goldmart hereby specifically disclaims, and by your placement of an order through you hereby specifically release Goldmart from, any and all liability resulting from a system or component failure of the electronic ordering system or a failure of the transmission or communication facilities including, without limitation, the internet service provider’s facilities, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Goldmart.