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 Australian Platinum Coins

Australian Platinum Coins

Buy Australian Platinum Coins Online from

First used for minting coins in 18th century Spanish-occupied America, platinum lost favor when gold came into the scene. Less malleable than gold, platinum is difficult to work with and can be mistaken for other less expensive metals. However, platinum has since been discovered to be resistant to corrosion, is inert, have stable electrical properties, and is stable even in the presence of high heat. These properties, combined with the fact that it is extremely rare, makes platinum an excellent investment piece as well as a component for industrial work.

Since 1983, many countries have regularly used platinum for minting coins. Among the platinum products that earned the attention of collectors and investors around the world are Australian Platinum Kangaroo, Australian Platinum Koala, and Australian Platinum Platypus coins. These coins are all available from Goldmart.

Why Invest in Australian Platinum Coins?

Australian Platinum Coins are a worthy acquisition for serious and long-term investors. This is because platinum’s price is more volatile than that of gold, and it can rise at a relatively slower rate. In times of sustained economic stability and growth, the price of platinum coins is usually double that of gold. However, in times of economic instability, the price of platinum coins can fall below that of gold. As such, buying Australian Platinum Coins will best benefit investors with experience and a diversified portfolio.

Australian Platinum Kangaroo coins were first released in 2019, while Australian Platinum Platypus coins were released between 2011 and 2018. The famed Australian Platinum Koala coins, on the other hand, were first minted in varying denominations in 1988. The latter is considered the most famous series of platinum coins produced by the Perth Mint.

Purchase Australian Platinum Coins from Goldmart

Goldmart, a Nevada-based company, has long been a trusted dealer of precious metals. We deliver to customers in the US and Canada, and we offer free shipping for orders amounting to $7,500 USD and beyond. To safeguard the integrity of each purchase, our website uses a 128-bit encryption and McAfee Secure, and it is also enrolled in TrustWave’s Trusted Commerce program. We also require the recipient of each delivery to provide their signature to ensure that the product will be entrusted to its rightful owner.

The strict security measures we use, plus our competitive prices and convenient delivery options, make us the top-of-mind option for serious investors and collectors of precious metal products. Are you looking for Australian Platinum Coins to add to your portfolio? Take a look at our collection and order from Goldmart today.