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 Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coins

Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coins

Buy Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coins from Goldmart

The Australian Platinum Kangaroo coin is a recent addition to the Perth Mint’s family of bullion coins. It is a collector’s item indeed, and one that proffers a greater level of exclusivity. Platinum itself is a highly exclusive metal, rarer than gold and with better anti-corrosive properties; this coin, in the singular size increment of 1 troy ounce, is struck from .9995 fine platinum. Its construction and craftsmanship make the Australian Platinum Kangaroo’s 2018 unveiling a big milestone for the Perth Mint

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2019 1 oz Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coin

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Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coins Design

Like the gold and silver counterparts that preceded it, this coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse side. The effigy of Her Majesty, an award-winning design by British sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, shines handsomely in platinum.

But the highlight of this coin is the eponymous kangaroo, Australia’s national animal and arguably the most powerful symbol to be depicted on Australian bullion. This coin features the consistent lettering of “Australian Kangaroo” on the reverse. The engraved lettering, along with rays of sunlight, encircle Dr. Stuart Devlin’s rendition of the red kangaroo in leaping position. Numismatists can find Perth Mint’s signature “P” mintmark just above the end of the kangaroo’s tail.

History of Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coins

In terms of history, the Australian Platinum Kangaroo doesn’t have a long one. It was only introduced by the Perth Mint in 2018. But upon its release, the Australian Kangaroo bullion series hit the milestone of dealing in the three prime investment metals (99.99% pure gold, 99.99% pure silver, and 99.95% pure platinum) for the first time in history.

The Australian Platinum Kangaroo was issued as legal tender by virtue of the Australian Currency Act of 1965, and has a face value of $100 AUD. 

Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coins at Present

According to the Perth Mint’s own data on its Australian Platinum Bullion Coin Series from 2011 to 2019, the 1 oz bullion Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coin had an unlimited maximum mintage and had a declared mintage of 5,251 at the end of its starting year. As of 2019, sales of this mint have climbed to 2,000 units.

Bona fide coin collectors and bullion investors should consider adding this piece of history to their repertoire. Attain the Australian Platinum Kangaroo today, and only from industry leaders Goldmart!

How to Buy Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coins Online

You, too, may partake in the milestone by purchasing an Australian Platinum Kangaroo Coin from Goldmart. We are known for our wide selection of name-brand precious metals, as well as for our reputable and secure business practices. Goldmart is duly registered to the Certified Coin Exchange and has the authority to deal in precious metals from the PCGS and NGC. Our bullion items are available to customers in the US and Canada, and our US customers get free shipping and insurance when they purchase $7,500 USD worth of items or more on our site. Order online or call us at 1-888-470-0170 to purchase an Australian Platinum Kangaroo coin.