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 Australian Platinum Platypus Coins

Australian Platinum Platypus Coins

Buy Australian Platinum Platypus Coins Online

To say that the platypus is an interesting animal is an understatement. Endemic to Eastern Australia, it’s one of the only 5 species of monotremes—egg-laying mammals—that exist in our time. In addition to its peculiar reproduction, the platypus also has a one-of-a-kind appearance with the beak of a duck, the body and tail of a beaver, and the feet of an otter. Due to this unlikely mix of features, the animal was initially thought to be a hoax even by members of the scientific community.

The unique existence of the platypus is now celebrated by many. In fact, the animal is at the center of the Perth Mint’s Australian Platinum Platypus Coin. Produced between 2011 and 2017, this coin series sold out on its first year of issue. Collectors who want to include this coveted coin in their portfolio can purchase the item on Goldmart. Those who want to inquire about the Australian Platinum Platypus Coin can call 1-888-470-0170 or initiate a live chat with a representative.

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1 oz Australian Platinum Platypus Coin (Random Year)
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Australian Platinum Platypus Coin Design

The obverse of the coin features a profile of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley. This regal central image is surrounded by the words ELIZABETH II, AUSTRALIA, and 100 DOLLARS, the face value of the coin. On the reverse is an image of the namesake of the coin series, which is designed by Natasha Muhl. The platypus is depicted to be surrounded by underwater vegetation. Around the image of the diving platypus are the words AUSTRALIAN PLATYPUS, 1 OZ .9995 PLATINUM, and the coin’s year of issue.

Why Invest in Australian Platinum Platypus Coins?

Platinum coins are a more common investment for experienced investors than those who are just starting to diversify their assets. In times of economic stability, platinum is often valued twice than the price of gold. However, platinum’s value also increases at a slower pace. It can also be more volatile than gold, sometimes dipping below the price of the said precious metal in times of economic instability. That said, platinum coins like the Australian Platinum Platypus are more ideal for investors and collectors who have achieved the upper tier of their target assets.

How to Purchase Australian Platinum Platypus Coins from Goldmart

A trusted dealer of precious metal products, Goldmart is based in Nevada and delivers to customers in the US and Canada. Our company aims to make purchasing precious metals easy and safe for our clients. As such, we offer free shipping for orders valued at $7,500 USD and above. Purchases done on our website are made secure by Trustwave, McAfee, and a 128-bit encryption. What’s more, all our shipments are insured at full value.

Get in touch with Goldmart today and add the Australian Platinum Platypus to your coin collection.