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 Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coins

Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coins

Buy Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coins Online

Platinum is considered a top tier precious metal in bullion trading and, as such, platinum coins command both value and prestige. Among the world’s most famous pedigrees in bullion is the Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich AG), founded over 800 years ago in 1194. Its long history is fully demonstrated in the Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin. Struck from pure, investment-grade .9995 pure platinum, the Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin comes in only a weight of 1 troy ounce and are assigned a face value of 100 euros. Attain a vital piece of history from the Austrian Mint, rendered in premium form, by purchasing an Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin. Get yours at Goldmart today.

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Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coins Design

Austrian Philharmonic Coins are minted in tribute to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, or the Wiener Philharmoniker. The obverse side of each coin features a design of the Musikverein Pipe Organ, also known as the Great Pipe Organ, that is housed in the Philharmonic Orchestra’s home theater, the Golden Hall.

The coin’s reverse side is no less grand. It depicts prominent instruments in orchestral music, such as the double bass, violin, harp, oboe, and Vienna horn. Both the obverse and the reverse coin designs are the work of artist Thomas Pesendorfer.

History of Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coins

The Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin joins the gold and silver variants to be the only series of European bullion to have a face value in euros. However, it is only considered legal tender in its home country of Austria. The Philharmonic series was launched by the Austrian Mint in 1989 to inspire pride in the country’s culture and heritage.

The platinum variant is the most recent addition to the Philharmonic family, debuting only in 2016. It follows the same design fixtures that made the gold and silver Philharmonic series popular in Europe and, ultimately, across the globe.

Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coins at Present

Recently, the Austrian Philharmonic series has hit its 30-year mark. The Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin is a sought-after bullion item among seasoned investors, and it also makes the perfect legacy addition to any numismatist’s collection.

How to Order Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coins from Goldmart

Goldmart is a reputable and legitimate dealer of Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coins and other premium platinum and Austrian bullion coins. We are a member firm of the Certified Coin Exchange, an authorized dealer of PCGS and NGC, and work directly with official distributors of the world’s most trusted mints. We sell the world’s top name-brand bullion items to our North American and Canadian customer base. In addition, our US customers get free shipping and insurance upon ordering $7,500 USD worth of items or more. Place your order directly online or call 888-470-0170 or initiate a live chat to have a representative help you add value to your collection with an Austrian Platinum Philharmonic Coin!