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Goldmart is paying Top Dollar for your precious metals! 

Due to our high sales volume we are always buying at the most competitive premiums found anywhere.

For the most Up-To-Date information, we suggest you call us at (888) 470-0170.

Why Sell To Us:


  • Fast Payment: Checks are sent expedited mail within 2 business days of receipt


Terms and Conditions

  • To sell to us, you must have a Goldmart account. Click here to Sign Up.
  • We have no minimum or maximum limit when purchasing from you.
  • If selling to us and your package is valued under $5,000 we recommend shipping to us using USPS Priorirty Flat Rate box with Insurance.


Recommended shipping Instructions:


    • Make sure Signature Confirmation is required upon delivery.
  • Do NOT write any words on package that might help identify its contents.  Do NOT use the word "Goldmart" on the package but rather address shipping to our parent company LPMI.

Gmart, Inc. 
P.O. Box 1893 
Carson City, NV 89702


Recommended packaging Instructions:

    • Packages should be securely taped shut and reinforced. Extra tape must be applied to reinforce the entire package. For silver shipments we recommend using a heavy duty tape.


    • Do not pack any loose coins or bars. Make sure all coins and bars are concealed in a non-transparent box, bag, or wrapping paper before placing them into the shipping box.


    • Try to double box your shipment if possible, by placing contents into a smaller box and then into the shipping box.


  • All coins sent in tubes need to be taped closed and have a filler to stop coins from rattling.  All 90% silver needs to be tightly bagged with a zip tie to minimize noise in transit.


Selling Steps:

    • After you have followed the above Shipping and Packaging Instructions and you have shipped your package(s) to us—i.e. the USPS has received your package—immediately send us an email to and include your USPS tracking number(s) and shipping contents so the package(s) so that we can keep an eye out for them.


    • At any time USPS has accepted your package(s), you may call us at your discretion during trading hours to lock-in your Live Price.


    • Checks will be issued within 2 business days of receipt of your package.


    • Checks over the amount of $20,000 will mail USPS Express Overnight.
  • Checks between the amount of $2,000 - $20,000 will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. Checks under the amount  $2,000 will be sent via USPS First Class Mail.


If you have any questions call  1-888-470-0170.

NOTE: Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and without notice.

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