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 35% Silver Coins

35% Silver Coins

Buy 35% Junk Silver Coins Online from Goldmart

A 35% silver coin is part of a family of silver bullion that collectors deem “junk silver.” The term “junk silver” refers to circulated silver coins that are in fair or cull condition—that is, somewhat flawed or defective in condition as compared to pure, uncirculated silver bullion—and therefore have no numismatic or collectible value.

Despite all this, junk silver coins are not to be considered scrap silver or actual junk metal, and they still retain their legal tender values. Among the other common size accruements for junk silver are 90% silver coins and 40% silver coins. The Wartime Nickel, or WTN, a subset of the Jefferson nickel series minted between 1942 and 1945, is perhaps the most well-known 35% silver coin in circulation. Each coin carries a value of 5 cents and contains 0.0563 troy ounces of silver. What will distinguish a Wartime Nickel as an authentic coin is the “P” mint mark above the image of the Monticello, the plantation house of US President Thomas Jefferson. Buying 35% Silver Coins is a great way to further diversify a financial portfolio consisting of 40% and 90% silver coins.

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35% Silver War Time Nickel (WTN) Coins $1 Face Value

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Why is it a Good Idea to Invest in 35% Silver Coins?

A picking like a 35% silver coin might be turned down by a serious coin collector, as it will contribute nothing significant to their silver inventory. In turn, someone looking to acquire a Wartime Nickel must be careful of its quickness to tarnish. Given the lower content of pure silver in this coin, it’s worth asking: for whom will a 35% silver coin be a good purchase, what are the benefits of investing in 35% silver, and how much of one’s investment portfolio should be allotted to coins like these?

A fair answer is: a 35% silver coin should be bought by someone who looks past the “junk” connotation and cares more about owning physical silver than keeping a big collection. Demands are lower for 35% silver than 90% silver alloys, and thus, this increment can be bought at lower premiums. These coins are also easier to buy and sell than their 999.9 counterparts, which can keep an investor in a more liquid status.

Though experts advise against allotting too much space in one’s investment portfolio to 35% silver, it’s a fine way for a beginner to dip their toes in silver bullion trading. Goldmart offers its expertise in jumpstarting a fledgling portfolio with 35% silver coins.

Add 35% Silver Coins to your Financial Portfolio

Goldmart is your one-stop shop for precious metal goods, all of which are offered at competitive prices. We’ve got a thriving inventory of 35%, 40%, and 90% silver coins all ready for shipment to our customers in the US and Canada. $7,500 USD or more worth of orders nets our US customers free shipping and insurance services.

Start a live chat or call Goldmart today and ask an account representative how we can help you grow your budding assets.