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 40% Silver Coins

40% Silver Coins

Buy 40% Junk Silver Coins Online

40% Silver Coins are among several common increments of United States coinage that are called “junk silver.” United States coinage that are regarded as junk silver range in condition and do not possess numismatic or collectible value. However, open-minded investors see beyond the “junk” label and acquire 40% Silver Coins solely for the silver content.  Suffice to say, looks and labels aren’t everything in precious metal trading.

Like 90% silver half-dollars, quarters, and dimes and 35% wartime nickels, 40% silver coins are composed of silver alloys. The most well-known 40% silver coin minted in the United States is the Kennedy Half-Dollar which circulated from 1965 to 1970. It is assigned the legal tender value of 50 cents and contains 0.1479 troy ounces of pure silver. These silver coins were minted as a memento to the assassinated US President John F. Kennedy and were hoarded heavily by the American public upon their release.

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How are 40% Junk Silver Coins Sold?

40% Junk Silver Coins are typically bought by the face value (the dollar amount on the face of a coin) as opposed to the total weight and are valued against the spot price of silver in troy ounces.  The market has dictated that in every $1000 face value of such coins, there are 295 ounces of pure silver.  This means that in each $1 face value, there is 0.295 troy ounces of silver.  Therefore, the total amount of silver in said face value can be multiplied by the spot price of silver to determine their worth.

Why is it a Good Idea to Invest in 40% Silver Coins?

40% Silver Coins, like all other junk silver, are popular because, unlike newly minted silver bullion, they do not incur refinement and fabrication costs.  Therefore, they are attractive to investors because they carry little to no premium cost and can bought very close to the spot price of silver if not for spot price or even below it.

It’s interesting to note that the 40% Silver Coins have gained a following among survivalists or doomsday proponents who feel the need to stock up on physical silver in case of hyperinflation. These collectors believe that when the economic doomsday comes, their collection will provide them with enough precious metal to quickly purchase or barter for needed commodities like food, water, and gasoline.

In any case, 40% Silver Coins are worth exploring for their beginner-friendliness, low premiums, and the ease in which they can be bought or sold.  Goldmart is the ideal partner to purchase 40% Silver Coins from whether it be to acquire a valuable piece of history, such as in the hoarded Kennedy half-dollar, or to slowly expand one’s investment portfolio against risk. 

Shop Goldmart for 40% Junk Silver Coins

Goldmart aims to be the top online destination for competitively-priced precious metal products.  Our rich collection of 40% as well as 35% and 90% silver coins are all ready for shipment.  Goldmart sells its junk silver in $1 face value increments thus giving customers total discretion in how much or how little to buy at any time.  For the best deals, sign up for a free account and begin buying 40% Junk Silver Coins today either through the safe and easy-to-use shopping cart experience or by calling 888-470-0170 and having an account representative assist you in placing an order.