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 Australian Silver Coins

Australian Silver Coins

Buy Australian Silver Coins Online from Goldmart

Australia contributed 1,200 metric tons of silver in 2017, establishing itself as the world’s seventh-largest producer of silver. Most silver refinement activities take place in South Australia, but famous gold refineries in Perth, Melbourne, and Kalgoorlie have also taken up the job. Ultimately, a significant portion of the metal goes into silver bullion, which is overseen in Australia by the prestigious Perth Mint. These popular bullion coin series including the kangaroo, koala, and kookaburra come in a variety of size increments starting from 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, to 1 kg and are all struck using 99.99% pure silver.  Make Goldmart your one-stop shop for Australian Silver Coins and other key items for bullion trading.

Australian Silver Coin Designs

Australian Silver Coins are popular amongst beginning and seasoned bullion collectors alike. Purchasers look forward to the size variety, the lower prices compared to gold, and the many appealing designs showcased on Australian Silver Coins. Each of these coins bears a face value assigned by the federal government of Australia. 

Arguably, the most prominent designs in Australia’s silver bullion are the Perth Mint’s depictions of the country’s indigenous animals, such as the kangaroo, the koala, and the kookaburra bird. The Lunar Series, depicting zodiac animals in the Chinese lunar calendar, has also proved a smash hit. Some recent additions even reference pop culture: the Perth Mint now has silver bullion collections adorned with the heroes of the Marvel Comic Universe and Star Trek.

History of Australian Silver Coins

During Britain’s colonial rule of Australia, the country’s rich ore reserves—especially in the area of the Australian Outback—were discovered. They soon became the backbone of the country’s well-known mining industry. In 1855, the Royal Mint of London established its first facility in Sydney with the intention of producing currency. This facility was soon followed by the Melbourne Mint in 1872 and the Perth Mint in 1899; of these three facilities, only the Perth Mint is still operational today.

Modern silver bullion as we know it was bolstered by the 1987 creation of the Gold Corporation. This State Act of Parliament enabled the Perth Mint to release its silver items as Australian legal tender coinage. As such, silver coins became widely available for trading activities among collectors and investors.

Australian Silver Coins at Present

To date, the bestsellers in Australia’s silver bullion are from the Kookaburra and the Koala Series. Close behind are the Kangaroo and Lunar Series, but purchasers may also seek out the Swan, Shark, Marvel Comics, Star Trek, or Commemorative Series to widen their silver collection.  Silver might connote a second-place finish, but it rivals gold and platinum in the field of bullion trading. Shop online or contact Goldmart now by calling 888-470-0170 to attain one of these world-class Australian silver coins for yourself.