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 British Silver Coins

British Silver Coins

Buy British Silver Coins Online

Unbeknownst to many, the term “British pound” actually once referred to 1 pound of sterling silver, or silver with a purity of 92.5%. Silver is by no means inferior to gold in the world of precious metal trading, and that holds especially true for the British bullion industry. Even Sir Isaac Newton, a key part of the Scientific Revolution, stood as Master of the Royal Mint during the 17th century. Newton was responsible for an aggressive anti-counterfeiting campaign and for monetizing silver. Now, British silver coins are easily recognizable among modern traders in the international scene. The most iconic of British silver coins from the Royal Mint are the Sovereign, Britannia, Lunar, and Queen’s Beasts varieties, all struck using 999.9 fine silver and coming in size increments including 1 oz and 2 oz.  Browse no further than Goldmart to acquire treasures like British silver coins.

British Silver Coin Designs

There are currently 4 design branches for British silver coins: the distinctive Sovereign, the Britannia, the Lunar Year series, and the Queen’s Beasts. It is traditional for silver coins from the Royal Mint to feature the image of the Commonwealth’s current ruler—thus, for several decades, the portrait on the obverse side of each coin is that of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Designers who have had the honor of depicting Queen Elizabeth II throughout the years are Mary Gillick, Arnold Machin, Raphael Maklouf, Ian Rank-Broadley, and Jody Clark.

The reverse sides of these silver coins tout equally iconic images: on the Sovereign, that of St. George on horseback trampling a dragon; on the Britannia, that of the eponymous female deity; on that of the Queen’s Beasts, the 10 heraldic beasts significant to the Queen’s royal lineage; and on that of the Lunar series, the images of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.

History of British Silver Coins

The Royal Mint, the United Kingdom’s exclusive government-owned mint, was founded in AD 886. Amidst the aftermath of a Roman invasion and civil war, the Anglo-Saxon ruler Alfred the Great first issued silver pennies bearing his profile.

In 1630, England and Spain entered a treaty for the supply of silver bullion to the Tower of London’s mint. In the same decade, Isaac Newton presided as warden of the mint and actively crusaded against counterfeiting, common in modus operandi such as forgery and clipping. Britain’s emergence as a world power also sparked the precious metals mining industry in their colonies. Legendary counterparts to the Royal Mint are Australia’s Perth Mint and Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint. 

British Silver Coins at Present

The bullion industry in Britain has since seen its fair share of ups and downs. Silver, however, is a metal that rises to top asset classes in these “down” times of economic uncertainty; from 2008 to 2010 the price of silver had doubled, as opposed to a 70-pence rise in the price for gold. As of 2019, some 4 billion ounces of silver bullion are said to be held by investors above ground and enjoy popularity for industrial as well as cosmetic purposes.

How to Invest in British Silver Coins

British silver coins are nowhere near decline, and the silver bullion industry in the United Kingdom boasts many international followers. To attain British silver and add a timeless, royal touch to your collection, get in touch with Goldmart today by calling 888-470-0170 or through our live chat feature with a representative.