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 5 oz Silver Rounds

5 oz Silver Rounds

Buy 5 oz Silver Rounds Online from Goldmart

They may look and feel like actual currency, but 5 oz Silver Rounds are different from the silver coins you see in circulation. Silver coins are produced by a government-backed mint, and the value ascribed to them comes from their status as legal tender. Silver rounds, on the other hand, are valued for other factors, including their mintage, weight, purity level, and finish. These small increments of physical silver have been traded since 700 B.C., when silver bullion first emerged.

One-of-a-kind private mints have lost none of their appeal, even in the modern age. In fact, investing in silver rounds seems to have come alive thanks to the ease of buying and trading through online platforms. 5 oz Silver Rounds take up a good portion of these sales, and many of these silver rounds are handsomely minted by some of the most famous precious metal refineries in the world such as SilverTowne.

What should a keen buyer expect when buying silver rounds in 5 oz increments? Ultimately, they should look for the hallmark of a respected mint, the stated weight of 5 troy ounces, and a minimum silver purity of at least .999 fine

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5 oz SilverTowne Prospector Stackable Silver Round

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Why Invest in 5 oz Silver Rounds?

Sometimes it’s good to start small, especially when it comes to coin collecting and portfolio management. Many stackers build their inventories piece by piece, and by doing so they gradually build the variety and value of their collections. The same applies for young or fledgling investors on a tight budget—they can delve into new assets at a pace that matches their spending habits and financial viability.

Purchasing a small increment of physical silver, such as in the form of a 5 oz Silver Round, is a low-risk and practical decision. Silver rounds are bereft of the high premiums that come with other bullion such as silver coins. In addition, the rounds are easy to buy, count, store, and sell off in time of need.

In other words, 5 oz Silver Rounds contribute both solid beginnings and continuity in silver bullion trading. Avid silver stackers already know that acquiring silver rounds expands their repertoire, but getting 5 oz sized silver rounds is also a great choice for novice investors and bullion traders.   

How to Order 5 oz Silver Rounds from Goldmart

Goldmart offers both value and variety in its collection of name-brand precious metals. Among its many different bullion options available to buy are 5 oz Silver Rounds. While there are little options to choose from in this size, their large size is astonishing to behold.  To order 5 oz Silver Rounds from Goldmart, register a free account and shop online or call 888-470-0170 to have an account representative assist you.