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Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens MintMark SI Authentication Device

Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens
  • Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens

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Product Description:

The deceptively simple Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens, the MintMark™ SI, was designed to easily determine the authenticity of coins, rounds, and bars from Sunshine Minting, provider of the blanks from which the Unites States Mint strikes the American Silver Eagle

Beginning with the Mint’s 1 troy ounce  gold bar, a hidden security feature on the reverse of each authentic precious metal product issued by SMI indicates its validity. The image, however, can only be viewed through the Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens MintMark SI™, adding a heretofore unrealized layer of security to help preserve the investor’s peace of mind.

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Customer Reviews:
Customer Reviews:

You're reviewing: Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens MintMark SI Authentication Device

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  1. (Posted 10/19/2014) rates this product

    This does what it suppose to do. It took me awhile to figure out how to use it.

  2. (Posted 10/17/2014) rates this product

    Nice product if you are stacking lots of sunshine metal, but pretty pricy for just a simple polarizing sheet.

  3. (Posted 10/12/2014) rates this product

    Works great!

  4. (Posted 9/30/2014) rates this product

    Nice little device. Thanks.

  5. (Posted 9/28/2014) rates this product

    Must have for all sunshine products.

  6. (Posted 8/23/2014) rates this product

    Authentic SMI-branded (Sunshine Minting, Inc.) decoder lens using the MintMark SI technology - not an imitation.

    Order processing and shipping were rapid. Packaging was terrific - very secure. Lens arrived in perfect condition. Price was best I could find. I will buy from again and again.

  7. (Posted 8/18/2014) rates this product

    Take your coin and place the Mint Mark SI over the Coin. Slowly rotate the Coin and you will see a ripple hologram through the SI card as you turn,, keep turning the coin and you will see the VAILED SI mark on the coin..
    very nice

  8. (Posted 6/16/2014) rates this product

    Works perfectly. Nice and sturdy, definitely not a flimsy piece of plastic. Wonderful authenticating tool to have. Adds additional peace of mind. Competitively priced too.

  9. (Posted 3/5/2014) rates this product

    A must have if you buy the new security feature from Sunshine Mint. It works very well.

  10. (Posted 1/24/2014) rates this product

    Works as expected.

  11. (Posted 1/13/2014) rates this product

    Works Great!

  12. (Posted 10/19/2013) rates this product

    Tested my new silver bars with the mint decoder, tested good. I compared your lens price to other distributors and your price was the best.

  13. (Posted 8/20/2013) rates this product

    a must have

  14. (Posted 6/17/2013) rates this product

    works great. very cool feature on the sunshine bars. Decoder works and I haven't even taken it out of the plastic back in came in.

  15. (Posted 1/26/2013) rates this product

    It works. When the bullion is placed behind the card, the word "valid" shows up. It looks nifty, in addition to having added authenticity confirmation. The card doesn't seem very scratch resistant, so keep it safe.

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